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English Studies

Academic Contributors

Hannah Ho Ming Yit (Programme Leader)
Salbrina Hj Sharbawi (Coordinator)
Hjh Aznah Hj Suhaimi
David Deterding
Debbie Ho
Gary Jones
James McLellan
Kathrina bte DP Haji Mohd Daud
Noor Azam OKMB Hj Othman
Paul Deyuan He
Mayyer Ling
Rinni Marliyana binti Hj Amran
Sharifah Nurul Huda Alkaff


There are two strands in this major: English Language; and English Literature. After taking the two introductory core courses (AN-1201 and AN-1203), students can mix and match the remaining options, specialising in one or the other strand if they choose.

Single Major

In order to graduate with a Single Major in English Studies, a student will need to have successfully completed a minimum of 72 Modular Credits within 4 to 6 years.

The following modules must be taken as core for the English Studies Single Major:

Core Modules

AN-1201 Introduction to English Language and Linguistics
AN-1203 Introduction to English Literature
AN-4201 Research Project

Option Modules

AN-1301 Introduction to Discourse and Sociolinguistics
AN-1302 Literary Appreciation and Criticism
AN-1303 Introduction to Drama and Theatre
AN-2301 Analysing Written Discourse
AN-2302 Drama and Theatre Studies
AN-2303 Analysing Talk
AN-2304 Popular Fiction
AN-2305 The Western Canon
AN-2306 Global Shakespeare
AN-2307 The Literatures of Southeast Asia
AN-2308 American Literature
AN-2309 The Structure of English
AN-2310 Language in Society
AN-2311 Psycholinguistics
AN-3301 Drama Skills for Effective Communication
AN-3302 Creative Writing
AN-3303 Language Acquisition
AN-3304 Language and Gender
AN-3305 Language Issues in Brunei Darussalam
AN-3306 History of English
AN-3307 Cross-cultural Communication
AN-4301 Contemporary Critical Theory
AN-4302 The Literature of America’s Minorities
AN-4303 Postcolonial Literature
AN-4304 Postmodern Theatre
AN-4305 Gender, Time and Space in Literature
AN-4306 From Romantic to Decadent
AN-4307 Contemporary Fiction
AN-4310 Translation: Theory and Practice
AN-4311 Systemic Functional Grammar
AN-4312 Semantics
AN-4313 Advanced Phonetics and Phonology
AN-4314 Bilingualism: Theory and Practice
AN-4315 Academic Exercise in Applied Linguistics
AN-4316 Pragmatics
AN-4317 Forensic Linguistics
AN-4318 World Englishes
AN-4319 Issues and Practices in Workplace Communication
AN-4321 News Production
AN-4322 Language Disorders
AN-4323 Introduction to Philosophy of Language