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Majors for Pre-August-2016 Intakes

Geography, Environment and Development

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Single Major

In order to graduate with a Single Major in Geography, Environment and Development, a student will need to have successfully completed a minimum of 72 Modular Credits within 4 to 6 years.

The following modules must be taken as core for the Geography, Environment and Development Single Major:

Core Modules

AW-1201 Spatial Patterns of Development
AW-1202 Introduction to Environments and Environmental Issues
AW-2201 Research Methods in Social Sciences
AW-4201 Research Project


Option Modules

AW-1301 Population and Development
AW-1304 Tourism: Concepts and Models
AW-1305 Tourism Geographies
SC-1401 Chemistry of the Environment
AW-2301 Environmental Systems
AW-2302 Sustainable Resource Management
AW-2304 Economy and Society of Brunei Darussalam
AW-2305 Development and Planning Issues
AW-2306 Geographies of Consumption
AW-2307 Introduction to Spatial Information Systems
AW-2308 Atmospheric and Hydrological Processes
AW-2309 The Physical Environment of Brunei Darussalam
AW-2310 Philosophy and the Environment
AW-2311 Ecosystem Dynamics
AW-2312 Introduction to Geomatics
AW-2313 Environmental Ethics
AW-2314 Ecotourism
AW-2315 Culture and Heritage Tourism
AW-2316 Visitor Attractions: Issues and Challenges
AW-2317 Trail Tourism
AW-2318 Tourism in Southeast Asia
AW-2319 Tourism Marketing
AW-3301 Southeast Asia and The World
AW-3302 Place, Cultures and Identities
AW-3303 Geographies of Gender and Development
AW-3304 Land Administration and Development
AW-3305 Urban Economy and Culture
AW-3306 Globalization and Development
AW-3307 Sustainability Research through Experiential Learning
AW-3308 Introduction to Remote Sensing
AW-3309 Climate Change: Science
AW-3310 Tropical Rainforest Environments
AW-3311 Integrated Coastal Management
AW-3312 Environmental Hazards
AW-3313 Tourism in Developing Countries
AW-3314 Tourism, Society and Development
AH-3307 Global Environmental History since 1500 AD
SP-3402 Energy, Environment & Society
SP-3407 Introduction to Renewable Energy
AW-4302 BSB as a Sustainable City
AW-4303 Social Welfare and Protection
AW-4304 Migration, Mobility and Development
AW-4305 Landuse and Development
AW-4307 Financial Networks in Society
AW-4308 World Regional Geography
AW-4309 Virtual Geographies, Space and Culture
AW-4310 Wetland Ecology and Management
AW-4311 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
AW-4312 Environmental Policy
AW-4313 Biomimicry
AW-4314 Advanced Topics in GIS
AW-4315 Climate Change Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation
AW-4316 Environmental Modelling
AW-4317 Advanced Environmental Remote Sensing: Focus on Borneo
AW-4318 Heart of Borneo
AW-4319 Development Policy and Administration
AW-4320 Biocultural Diversity
SB-4301 Conservation & Management of Living Resources