Majors for Intakes from August 2016 on


Majors for Pre-August-2016 Intakes

History and International Studies

Academic Contributors

Khondker Iftekhar Iqbal (Programme Leader)
Nani Suryani Binti Hj Abu Bakar (Coordinator)
Asiyah Az-Zahra Binti Ahmad Kumpoh
Hj Awg Asbol Bin Hj Mail
Johannes Kurz
Rommel Curaming

Single Major

In order to graduate with a Single Major in History and International Studies, a student will need to have successfully completed a minimum of 72 Modular Credits within 4 to 6 years.

The following modules must be taken as core for the the History and International Studies Single Major:

Core Modules

AH-1201 The State and Society in World Civilisations
AH-1202 The Making of Brunei Darussalam
AH-2201 History Practice I: Thoughts and Methods in Recent Approaches
AH-2203 History Practice II: Study of Historical Documents
AH-4201 Research Project


Option Modules

AH-1301 Penyelidikan dan Kontroversi dalam Sejarah
AH-2301 South Asia: The Dawn of History
AH-2302 Imperialism and European Expansion Overseas
AH-2304 Islam in a Changing Southeast Asia
AH-2305 'History and Memory Wars' in Asia Pacific
AH-2306 Transformation of Malaysia until 2000
AH-2307 Sejarah Sosio-Ekonomi Brunei Sejak Abad Ke-19
AH-2308 Global Issues: An Introduction to International Studies
AH-2309 Indonesia in the 20th Century: From a Political Concept to a Regional Power
AH-2310 Traditions and Modernisation in Brunei Darussalam
AH-2311-Sejarah Pendidikan Brunei (1850 – 2015)
AH-3301 History and/as Popular Culture in Southeast Asia
AH-3302 End of Empires: European Decolonization in the 20th Century
AH-3303 Reading Cultural History
AH-3304 Culture, Identity and Politics in the Malay World
AH-3305 Kesultanan Melayu Tradisional: Kepimpinan dan Kuasa
AH-3306 International Relations: History and Theory
AH-3307 Global Environmental History since 1500 AD
AH-3308 Sejarah Sarawak dan Sabah sejak tahun 1800
AH-3309 Sejarah Politik Brunei (1800 – 2015)
AW-3301 Southeast Asia and The World
AH-4302 Emergence of a Superpower: US Political History and Foreign Policy Since 1783
AH-4303 Southeast Asia from Subsistence to Industrialization
AH-4304 The Formation of States in Early East Asia, 6th to 15th Centuries
AH-4305 World of Islam: Global History and Muslim Societies
AH-4307 European History since 1789
AH-4308 India and Its Neighbours: Accommodations, Conflicts and Interactions
AH-4309 Globalizing Southeast Asia: ASEAN and International Organizations
AH-4310 The Making of Modern East Asia (1840-1941)
AH-4311 The Making of the Asia-Pacific
AH-4312 Oral Sources and Methods for Historians and Social Scientists
AH-4313 History, Philosophy and Theory
AH-4314 Japan and Southeast Asia: World War II and Beyond
AZ-4304 Politics and Law in Comparative Perspective
BE-4310 ASEAN Economies
PB-4305 Brunei's Foreign Policy