Majors for Intakes from August 2016 on


Majors for Pre-August-2016 Intakes


August 2016 Intake

In order to graduate with a Major, a student needs to have passed a minimum of 72 Modular Credits in their declared Single Major discipline. As part of this 72 modular credits requirement all students registered for an undergraduate degree in FASS must pass the degree core module AQ 2101 Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences.

The rest of the 72 credits are taken in the individual majors: the following is the Bachelor of Arts Programme Structure for the individual major disciplines: Sociology & Anthropology; Bahasa Melayu & Linguistik; Geography, Environment and Development; History and International Studies; Kesustaraan Melayu; and English Studies.

Pre August 2016 Intake

For pre-August-2016 intakes, FASS offers ten majors, as listed on the left. To complete a major in the BA FASS programme, you must follow and pass a sequence of modules throughout your period of study in the Faculty. In the pages for the individual majors, core courses are shown in pink, while option modules are shown in light-blue, as below:

AX-1201 Core Module
AX-3301 Option Module