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Majors for Pre-August-2016 Intakes

Sociology & Anthropology

Academic Contributors

Magne Knudsen (Programme Leader)
Asmali Hj Sulaiman (Coordinator)
Shariza Wahyuna Hj Shahrin
Wan Zawawi Ibrahim

Single Major

In order to graduate with a Single Major in Sociology & Anthropology, a student will need to have successfully completed a minimum of 72 Modular Credits within 4 to 6 years.

The following modules must be taken as core for the Sociology & Anthropology Single Major:

Core Modules

AZ-1201 Making Sense of Society
AZ-1202 Understanding Culture
AZ-2201 Social Thought
AZ-2202 Social Inquiry
AZ-4201 Advanced Social Theory
AZ-4202 Research Project


Option Modules

AZ-2303 Kinship, Marriage and Gender
AZ-2304 Social Stratification
AZ-2305 Society Culture and Economy
AZ-2306 Race, Ethnicity and the State
AZ-3301 Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
AZ-3302 Social Psychology
AZ-3305 Asian Anthropology and Asian Anthropologists
AZ-3307 Sociology of Muslim Societies
AZ-3308 Sociology of the Body
AZ-3309 Education and Society in a Globalised World
AZ-4302 Academic Exercise
AZ-4303 Anthropology of Religion
AZ-4304 Politics and Law in Comparative Perspective
AZ-4306 Cultures and Societies of Borneo
AZ-4307 Urban Society
AZ-4308 Popular Culture & Mass Media
AZ-4310 Anthropology of Food
AW-4304 Migration, Mobility and Development
AH-4312 Oral Sources and Methods for Historians and Social Scientists