Minor in Drama & Theatre Studies (English)


The Drama and Theatre Studies Minor is a highly-interactive group of modules which calls for eager, enthusiastic and dedicated students who wish to unleash their creative potential by studying and performing drama. Through a selection of seven modules, the Drama and Theatre Studies Minor offers students the opportunity to study the art of drama through different dimensions and approaches: as text readers, as playwrights, as producers, and as performers.

Offered in dual language mediums of Malay and English, the Drama and Theatre Studies Minor is designed to cover all the major principles of drama and the important developments and productions in both Western and Asian contexts. As such, these modules focus on the works of important playwrights, the evolution of dramatic forms and conventions, as well as new media technologies that help enhance drama as performing arts. Through the study of texts, students will also understand the basics of dialogue, characterization, body language, setting, and so on.

As playwrights, students will have the opportunity to learn how to create characters, plots, settings and dialogue that are part and parcel of script-writing. The completed script will be the premise of Theatre Production. This level-3000 module enables students to learn the intricacies of theatre production, which include directing, stage design, costumes, makeup, props, and so on. The physiology and psychology of acting will also be taught, such as the use of voice and body to communicate meaning to the audience.

All the modules are aimed at helping students to build confidence and to improve their language and communicative skills at the same time. Students of the Drama and Theatre Studies Minor will be equipped with the necessary skills to enter creative industries that include advertising, radio and television, and events management.

The modules offered in the Drama minor are:

Semester 1 Semester 2
AM-1401 Introduction to Drama AM-1402 Introduction to Theatre
AM-2401 Drama Studies AM-2403 Cross-Cultural Theatre
AM-2402 Drama Skills for Effective Communication
AM-3401 Script-writing AM-3402 Theatre Production
  AM-3403 / AL-3303 Postmodern Theatre