What are Programmes?

Programmes must be successfully completed within the faculty in order for students to be awarded a degree.  There are a number of programmes run by the faculty.

BA Programme

Most students within the faculty will initially start as undergraduates, taking a Bachelor of Arts programme.  To complete a programme you must obtain a minimum of 128 modular credits which are awarded for passing a number of modules throughout your course of study. Of the 128 credits it is expected that 72 will be awarded for your major subject and the other 56 will be taken from a broad range of subjects offered by this, and other, faculties.  Upon successful completion they will be awarded a BA Degree.

MA Programme

The Master of Arts programme is by independent research focussing on a specific research topic (Masters by Research).  It is expected that applicants for the MA Programme will have already, or will shortly have, obtained an undergraduate degree.  The programme is designed to take place over a period of between 1 and 2 years.

PhD Programme

This programme is designed for those people who can commit themselves to a period of full-time study for a period of not less than three years, or part-time study for up to seven years. Applicants can submit PhD research proposals for consideration to the Faculty. If accepted, the candidate will be allocated a member (or members) of the faculty staff who will act as supervisor(s) for the duration of the programme.