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MA in Anthropology

Start Date : August

Research Facilities

In most other scientific disciplines the production of knowledge is concentrated in North America, Western Europe, and East Asia, where the resources for research are more extensive than in most other parts of the world. In anthropology, on the other hand, the most interesting research sites are precisely in areas outside North America and Western Europe. A University such as UBD is therefore in an excellent position to attract and support anthropological research in the region.

Degree Requirements

Research proposal and thesis of 60,000 words (maximum)

Entry Requirements

Second Class Honours (or equivalent)

Mediumof Instruction


Planned Intake


Aims and Scope

The degree is meant to equip students with the skills necessary to conduct professional social research both for applied purposes (such as survey and census administration and other policy-related issues) and for academic purposes (by providing them with the means to contribute a local perspective to the global production of sociological knowledge on Bruneian and Bornean society).

Areas of Research / Specialization

Any area within sociology and anthropology subject to relevant expertise available in the academic group


Full-time: 24 months


Internal and external examiner


Nationally, any country needs to train a pool of social scientists not only for applied tasks, such as to conduct censuses and collect other kinds of data necessary for policy-makers, but also to have social scientists who are able to participate effectively in global academic discourse concerning their own country, culture and society. Such a programme could therefore play an important role in enabling students from other ASEAN countries and beyond to acquire a first-hand and in-depth knowledge of the cultures and societies of Borneo.

Future Development


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