Masters By Research

Sarjana Sastera dalam Bahasa Melayu dan Linguistik secara Penyelidikan

Start Date : August and January


This programme aims at training the students of prospect as scholars of Malay and/or Austronesian languages through the scholarly writing based on a specific descriptive or a theoretical research. Applicants who have experience in professional writing and publications on Malay and/or Austronesian linguistics are encouraged to take this module.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor degree or its equivalents

Entry Requirements

A candidate must possess a Bachelor degree (minimum Second Class) from the Universiti Brunei Darussalam or any other university recognized by the University, and he/she should have some background of research and/or writing on Malay linguistics.


Applicants who do not meet the above requirement may be considered, provided they possess other academic and/or professional qualifications in Malay linguistics. Appropriate experience and publications in Malay linguistics may also be taken into account.

Language Requirements

Bahasa Melayu (Malay)

Planned Intake

Max. 20 candidates

Aims and Scope

The candidates are expected to observe various phenomena of Malay and/or Austronesian languages and settle the selected topic of study that is seriously worthy of an academic discussion in terms of science of language. In line with this aim, the candidates are expected to widen their view and to deepen their thinking on various aspects of languages so as to be scholars of Malay and/or Austronesian languages, taking the leading positions at the international stage. In this respect, they need to produce their own ideas for themselves, in the significant areas of study, in terms of science of language.


Areas of Research / Specialization

Language and Grammar, Historical Study of Language, Comparative Study of Language, Contrastive Study of Language, Philosophy of Language, Physiology and Language Sounds, and Psychology and Language Acquisition.

Attendance Type

Supervision: 4 hours/week

Period of Candidature

Full-time: 12 months; Part-time: 24 months


Supervisor(s), internal examiner(s) and external examiner(s) will assess the contents of written thesis and its oral presentation by the candidate.


Progress report and its presentation per month

Future Development

To be a leading scholar of Malay and/or Austronesian languages at the international stage.

For More Information

Program Leader, Malay Language and Linguistics