PhD in Art

Start Date : August and January


The PhD in Art programme is designed to equip graduate students the ability and knowledge to conduct in-depth research in any area related to visual arts, such as art history, Asian art, Islamic art, modern art, contemporary art, Bruneian arts and crafts, art and culture, art and environment, painting, sculpture, photography, video art, public art, community art, indigenous art, digital art, computer graphics, creative industries and art tourism.

Degree Requirements

Applications to the PhD in Art programme must be accompanied by a detailed research proposal of approximately 1000 words.

Entry Requirements

A Master's degree in Art or Master of Fine Arts degree or a relevant subject area.

Language Requirements

A high level of proficiency in spoken and written English

Planned Intake

Maximum 5 students.

Aims and Scope

The aim of this PhD in Art programme is to equip graduate student with knowledge and skills necessary to conduct in-depth research involving critical analysis and description in any area related to art and design


Upon completion of the programme, candidates will submit a dissertation of up to 100,000 words.

Areas of Research / Specialization

The PhD in Art programme initially focuses on research areas in which there is considerable expertise among the current members of staff. This will be in a wide range of areas in visual arts, including traditional art disciplines, digital art, indigenous art, computer graphics, contemporary design, photography and video art, creative industries, art and technology, art and culture and art tourism.


Final dissertation to be assessed by art least one external examiner and one internal examiner who will be a full-time staff member of the university


Bruneian and foreign students.


Programme Leader, Art & Creative Technology