Doktor Falsafah dalam Bahasa Melayu dan Linguistik

Start Date : August and January


This programme aims at educating young scholars of Malay and/or Austronesian languages by conducting inter-discipline researches on languages, so that they could guide other international scholars in these areas of study. Applicants who have experience in professional writing and publications on Malay or Austronesian linguistics are encouraged to take this module to develop and enhance their ideas scientifically so as to explore a new aspect of science of language.

Degree Requirements

Master’s degree or its equivalents

Entry Requirements

Language Requirements

Bahasa Melayu (Malay)

Planned Intake

No limit.

Aims and Scope

The candidates need to settle a selected topic of study that is seriously worthy of academic discussion in terms of science of language. They will be trained to be familiar with observation of language phenomena, descriptive methods of language data, analyses and discussion on the phenomena in a theoretical framework of linguistics, synthesizing the results in a form of scholarly writing.


Areas of Research / Specialization

Language and Grammar, Historical Study of Language, Comparative Study of Language, Contrastive Study of Language, Philosophy of Language, Physiology and Language Sounds, Psychology and Language Acquisition.

Attendance Type

Supervision: 4 hours/week

Period of Candidature

Full-time: 36 months; Part-time: 72 months


Supervisor(s), internal examiner(s) and external examiner(s) will assess the contents of written thesis and its oral presentation by the candidate.


Progress report and its presentation per month

Future Development


Programme Leader, Malay Language and Linguistics