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Diotima Chattoraj

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Diotima Chattoraj

Room(s) 1.62
Phone Exr 1403
Website Google Scholar Page

Academic Qualifications

Background and Research Interest

Diotima is a doctorate (with distinction magna-cum-laude) from the Department of International Development Studies (IEE) in Ruhr-University Bochum Germany. Her doctoral study, “Ambivalent Attachments: Shifting notions of Home among Displaced Sri Lankan Tamils”, is based on the different kinds of attachments that the displaced Sri Lankan Tamils have to their places of origin in post-war days. She received partial funding from DAAD, Stipendien der Wilhelm und Günter Esser Stiftung and IEE to continue with her Doctoral project.

Presently, at University Brunei Darussalam, she is involved in the Research Project "Skill Mobility from ASEAN countries: A cost-benefit Analysis" which argues that sending countries lose skill which cannot be offset or justified by the remittances inflow. In addition, she is working on Rohingya issues. She has published an article and acted as a peer reviewer for a couple of journals. Also, she is also a GLO affiliate.

Her research areas include migration, development, ethnicity, international relations, and boundary-making. She is in the process of publishing her thesis (which is available online) in the form of several articles and also planning to turn it into a book. She has already published two of her articles and few more have been submitted for publications. In addition, Dr. Chattoraj has also reviewed 4 books which are available online.

Areas of Interest

Scholastic Honors

Research Publications

Journal Articles

Ullah, A.K.M. Ahsan, Siti Mazidah Mohamad, Noor Hasharina Hassan, & Diotima Chattoraj (2019). Global skills deficiency: perspectives of skill mobility in Southeast Asian countries. Asian Education and Development Studies, (On-line Link). (PDF Version).

Chattoraj, D., & Gerharz, E. (2019). Difficult return: Muslims’ ambivalent attachments to Jaffna in post-conflict Sri Lanka. Institute of Asian Studies Working Paper No. 46. (PDF Version).

Chattoraj, D. (2019). Narratives of Sri Lankan displaced Tamils living in welfare centers in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Journal of Maritime Studies and National Integration, 2(2), 67–4. (PDF Version).

Ullah, AKM Ahsan, & Chattoraj, D. (2018). Roots of discrimination against Rohingya minorities: Society, Ethnicity and International Relations. Intellectual Discourse, 26(2), 541–565. (PDF Version).

Chattoraj, D. (2018). Experiences of Sri Lankan Tamils displaced to Colombo: Three narratives. eTropic, 17(1), 137–148.


Chattoraj, D. (2017). “Ambivalent Attachments: Shifting Notions of Home among Displaced Sri Lankan Tamils”, PhD dissertation. (On-line Link).

Book Reviews

Chattoraj, D. (2018). ‘Book Review: Borders and Mobility in South Asia and Beyond by Reece Jones and Md. Azmeary Ferdoush (Eds.)’. Journal of Contemporary Asia. DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2018.1506044.

Chattoraj, D. (2018). ‘Book Review: Ananda Bhattacharyya, Remembering Komagata Maru. Official Reports and Contemporary Accounts’. South Asia Research, 38(3), (96-98pp).

Chattoraj, D. (2017). ‘Book Review: Yogeswary Vijayapalan,Endless Inequality: The Rights of Plantation Tamils in Sri Lanka.’ South Asia Research, 37(1) (111–113pp).

Chattoraj, D. (2015). ‘Book Review: Sharika Thiranagama, In My Mother’s House: Civil War in Sri Lanka’. South Asia Research, 35(1), (136-138pp).

Popular forum

Chattoraj, D. (2018), “Redefining home: Experiences of the Jaffna Displaced”, Groundviews published on April 28, 2018. (On-line Link).