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Gabriel Yit Vui Yong

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Academic Qualifications


Research Interests

  1. Sustainability issues from complex living systems perspective
  2. Human-environment evolution in Brunei & Brunei Bay
  3. Arcology
  4. Heritage conservation, focussing on Kampong Ayer
  5. Data capture methodologies in an information-rich but noisy environment
  6. Learning & knowledge development through experiential, project/field-based dialectic learning & use of social networks


  1. On-going Unfunded
    • Evolution of Brunei Bay and Kampong Ayer; mapping of historical changes in the environment and location of historical events
    • BSB as sustainable city; heritage conservation/economy; eco-corridor management; vertical living & cultural proxemics; and arcology
    • Experiential learning; teaching & research using Google Earth and the Internet & social networks


  2. Funded Research
    • Investigating rate of coastal erosion at Berakas (Grant $59,510; Ref S&T/25, 2012-2013). Lead investigator: Dr William Duane; research student: Maurice Boon. Project involved using the Trimble S6 scanning total station to map the soft eroding cliffs along the Berakas coast and 3D terrain modelling to estimate erosion rates for different sets of environmental conditions. Preliminary findings presented at the Borneo Research Conference in June 2012; data analysis ongoing.
    • Mapping emerging patterns in Brunei Bay mangroves in Brunei Bay (Grant $30,730; Ref UBD/PNC2/2/RG/1(183), 2011-2012). Project team included Dr Dulima Jali, Dr Jose Edgardo Aban, Izni Azrein Noor Azalie & Khairunnisa Ibrahim. Project involved mapping changing patterns of mangrove species distribution in the Brunei Bay using QuickBird and WorldView2 satellite imagery and field surveys. Data is still being analysed. However, preliminary findings have been presented in the Borneo Research Conference in June 2012 as well as at the 10th SEAGA Conference in Hanoi, 2012.


  3. Environment & Development
    • Analysed data and draft chapter on Internal Migration (Brunei Darussalam 2001 Census Report, 2004).
    • Studied the resilience of the Belait Peatlands to disturbances using differential NDVI together with Dr Kazimeirz Becek (project team leader) and Dr Dulima Jali (2004 – 2006).
    • Reviewed and analysed existing data and reports on Brunei’s environment and drafted Brunei Darussalam’s State of the Environment Report as part of a team comprising Dr David Lane, Dr Kazimeirz Becek & Dr Lim Lee Hoon (SOER, 2006)
    • Carried out population and demographic simulations and analyses, and conducted social-environment surveys and impact assessments for a number of development projects.


  4. Coastal Environment & Resource Management
    • Helped develop the concept for a fuzzy logic-based coastal management system in an ASEAN-EU workshop (SimCoast, 1995).
    • Developed water quality index concepts and maps using GIS modelling in a study on the water quality management in the Brunei Bay (Coastal Zone Environmental & Resources Management Project, 1998).
    • Had the opportunity to join scientists on a month-long voyage on board the Japanese research vessel, S.S. Mirai (operated by the Japan Marine Science & Technology Centre) to deploy the Triton atmosphere-ocean monitoring systems in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean (2001).
    • Assess Brunei’s coastal management projects and drafted the country’s coastal and environmental profile (ASEAN COST, 2005).


  5. Gender Issues
    • Drafted concept papers and discussion materials for two ASEAN workshops held in Brunei, presented paper in workshop on sustainable programs, conducted most of the workshop sessions, drafted the regional work programme to address lack of access to skills training faced by disadvantaged women, and presented it to the ASEAN Sub-committee (UNDP ASP6 project, 2000).
    • Drafted discussion paper (on women’s invisible work) for the ASEAN-World Bank Video Conference on Gender Mainstreaming (2001).
    • Carried out analysis of Brunei Darussalam’s HIV/AIDS policy and assessment of the country’s intervention programmes from a gender perspective for the Commonwealth Secretariat (Asia Initiative on HIV/AIDS Policy, Social Transformation Programmes Division, 2006)

Voluntary Services

  1. For Government of Brunei Darussalam
    • Drafted the concept paper for a regional program to realise an environmental friendly maritime transport system for the ASEAN by 2015 (for Marine Department, 2012-2013).
    • Presented country and discussion papers in the China-ASEAN Environmental Education workshops at Guizhou University (for Department of Environment, Parks & Recreation, 2009 & 2010).
    • Carried out and presented Brunei’s case study in Coastal Zone Environmental & Resources Management Project under the ASEAN-Australian Economic Cooperation Programme (for Department of Environment, Parks & Recreation, 1999).
    • Drafted country report on Brunei Darussalam’s coastal resources and environmental profile for the ASEAN Committee of Science & Technology (for Fisheries Department, 2005).


  2. For UBD
    • Represented Brunei in workshops on implementing Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in ASEAN (Phuket, 2011; Bangkok, 2012).
    • Provide technical feedback on the draft Environmental Order (2000), Solid Waste Master Plan (2005), Brunei Darussalam National Master Plan (2005) and various district and local area plans.
    • Served as panellist in a number environmental events, including: Vehicle Regulations, Emissions and the Environment (June 2005), Small is Beautiful (November 2007); Building a Cleaner, Brighter Future (October 2008), and green investment opportunities (Oct 2004).


Noor Hasharina Hassan, & Yong, G. Y. V. (2019). The cultural value of bakuts in Kampong Ayer, Brunei Darussalam. South East Asia: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 19, 47–63. (PDF Version).

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Ndah, A. B., Yong, G. Y. V., & Dagar, L. (2015). Anomalous Appearance of Fish in Tambisan and Clams in Lumut during December 2013-January 2014: An Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction-Based Analysis. International Journal of Earth and Atmospheric Science, 2(4), 116–125. (PDF Version).

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2005: “Misunderstanding: Natural features in Communication, Learning & Knowledge Sharing”, Conference Proceedings, Conference on Information Literacy - Information, Learning, Innovation: Delivering Global Knowledge, UBD (4-6 Oct, 2004), UBD: Bandar Seri Begawan, p. 57-67.

2001: (With Martinah Hj. Tamit) Implementing ICZM Programs in Brunei Darussalam, in D. Chew, P. Sawal & A. H. Sim (Eds) Integrated Coastal Zone Management, SDI Sabah.

2000: Lifeliness: An Indicator of Sustainability, Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on EcoBalance – Methodologies for Decision Making in a Sustainable 21st Century, October 31- November 2, Epochal Tsukuba, Japan.

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