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Dr Lalit Dagar

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Dr. Lalit Dagar is a research fellow in Weather and Climate Research at UBD | IBM Centre in Brunei. He has done Ph.D in Atmospheric chemical modelling of Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide over Delhi from Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. The broad area of his research involves using different atmospheric models for emission, meteorology and chemical transport of pollutants in atmosphere. He is also a member of H-TAP, WMO (Hemispheric Transport of Atmospheric Pollutants, World Meteorological Organisation) and Global Emission Inventory Activity, Paris. He has also worked as a consultant and Auditor for UNFCCC CDM projects and was involved in more than 15 renewable projects in India. He has in depth knowledge of the well-known atmospheric models, used in pollutant emission, weather and climate prediction studies, both from development and application point of view. At UBD|IBM Centre he has been working on the prediction of meteorological parameters using both weather and climate models for Brunei.


Sam-Quarcoo Dotse, Mohammad Iskandar Petra, Lalit Dagar, Liyanage C. De Silva (2017). Application of computational intelligence techniques to forecast daily PM10 exceedances in Brunei Darussalam. Atmospheric Pollution Research. (On-line Link).

Anthony Banyouk Ndah, Lalit Dagar, & Kazimierz Becek (2017). Multi-temporal patterns of upwelling–downwelling dynamics in the South China Sea based on a 47-year time-series of the NOAA-ERD upwelling index. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 16, 225–239. (On-line Link).

Lalit Dagar (2016). Influence of Southeast Asian haze episodes on high PM10 concentrations across Brunei Darussalam. Environmental Pollution.

Sam-Quarcoo Dotse, Lalit Dagar, Mohammad Iskandar Petra, Liyanage C. De Silva (2016). Evaluation of national emissions inventories of anthropogenic air pollutants for Brunei Darussalam. Atmospheric Environment, 133, 81–92.

Anthony Banyouko Ndah, Gabriel Y. V. Yong and Lalit Dagar Kumar (2015). Anomalous appearance of fish in tambisan and clams in Lumut during December 2013-January 2014: An atmosphere-ocean interaction-based analysis. International Journal of Earth and Atmospheric Science, 2(4), 116–125. (PDF Version).

Evaluation and Enhancement of Weather Application Performance on Blue Gene/Q, December 18 - December 21, 2013, India.

Regional Climate Modelling and its impacts on Rainforests, Renewable Energy, Crops & Flooding. ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) 2013-on climate change, UBD.

Regional Climate modeling for Borneo, APRU (Asia pacific Rim Universities) International Workshop on Coastal Cities and Sea Level Rise, 5-7 September 2012, California San Diego, U.S.

Modelling Climate Change and Its Impact Over Borneo Region Using Observational Based Data and Coupled Regional Climate Models. APRU Meet, June 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia.

93 AMS Conference ‘Seasonal Climatology Studies for Tropical Regions’, 6th-10th Jan 2013, Austin, Texas, US. (On-line Version).

93 AMS Conference ‘A Numerical Weather Prediction-Based Infrastructure for Tropical Meteorology Research and Operations in Brunei’, 6th -10th Jan, Austin, Texas, US. (On-line Version).

Presented a research paper titled ‘Preparation and Validation of Emission Inventory for Megacity Delhi’ in the International Conference on Mesoscale Processes in Atmosphere, Ocean and Environment Systems (IMPA 2006), organized by Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT Delhi during 14th -17th Feb 2006.

Presented a poster titled ‘A Decadal Gridded emission inventory of criteria pollutants over Delhi for 1990-2000.’ at Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution (TFHTAP) held at Geneva, Switzerland during 24-26 January, 2007. (Link)

Mohan, M., Dagar, L., & Gurjar, B. R. (2006). Preparation and Validation of Gridded Emission Inventory of Criteria Air Pollutants and Identification of Emission Hotspots for Megacity Delhi. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 130, 323–339.

Presented a poster titled ‘Emission inventory of Criteria Pollutants over Megacity Delhi’ at Global Emission Inventory Activity (GEIA) conference organized by Atmospheric Composition Change The European Network of Excellence (ACCENT) and International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) held at Paris, 28th Nov-3rd Dec 2006.