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Salbrina Hj Sharbawi

Room(s) 1.73
Phone Ext 1414
Website Google Scholar

Academic Qualifications

BA (University College of London)
MA (York)
PhD (NTU, Singapore)

Academic Areas


Salbrina Sharbawi received her undergraduate degree in Linguistics from University College London (B.A 2000), and her M.A in Applied Linguistics from the University of York (M.A 2003). She was conferred the Doctor of Philosophy degree from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (Ph.D 2009). Her intellectual interests lie in the realm of Sociophonetics, an area of overlap between Sociolinguistics and Phonetics. Her doctoral dissertation, An acoustic investigation of the segmental features of educated Brunei English speech, looked at the pronunciation of Brunei English and assessed the relationship of this English variety with the one spoken in Singapore. The findings of the study revealed that the pronunciation patterns of Brunei English were varied, unlike those of Singapore English which seemed to show uniformity across subjects. A plausible explanation for the observation was offered using Schneider’s (2003) 5-Stage Dynamic Model of the Evolution of Post-Colonial Englishes; Brunei English is still at Stage Three of the paradigm, that of nativization in which the pronunciation system is still unstable and very much affected by local and other languages. Singapore English, on the other hand, has a well-established pronunciation system and is at an advanced Stage Four of endonormative stabilization.

In May 2010, she was appointed as the Coordinator for the then newly-founded UniBridge programme. She then became the Programme Leader of UniBridge in January 2011. In January 2012, she was appointed as Director of the Continuing Education Centre, a position she holds until now.


Salbrina joined UBD in 2001 as a tutor and was appointed as a lecturer in July 2003. Her teaching has included undergraduate Linguistics courses on Phonetics and Phonology, World Englishes and the Englishes of Southeast Asia. She has and continues to teach basic introductory courses on Linguistics such as EL 1210 Introduction to Linguistics and the new GenNext module, AE-1202 Introduction to Language and Linguistics II. At graduate level, she is teaching AF-5202 English in Multilingual Societies in Southeast Asia.


Together with four other members of the Faculty, Salbrina is currently involved in a major, multi-national research project investigating the nature of English as a Lingua Franca in Asia. The Asian Corpus of English (ACE) project comprises several teams from Hong Kong Institute of Education, Australia’s Griffith University, Malaysia's University of Malaya, Singapore's National Institute of Education, the Philippines' Atteneo de Manila University and SEAMEO INNOTECH, Vietnam's SEAMEO RETRAC, China’s Guangxi University and Japan’s Chukyo University.

Her other research projects include developing further the findings of her thesis, particularly focusing on gender, age- and other socio-related variations in the pronunciation of English consonants and vowels by Bruneians.

Collaborative works include investigating the phonetics of Brunei Malay with Assoc. Prof. David Deterding.

Salbrina and Assoc. Prof. David Deterding are currently working on a book project entitled Brunei English: A New Variety in a Multilingual Society which will be published by Springer. They are also working on another self-funded project called The Americanisation of Brunei English in which they investigate the extent of American influence on the English spoken by Bruneians.



Deterding, D., & Salbrina, S. (2013). Brunei English: A New Variety in a Multilingual Society. Dordrecht: Springer. ISBN: 978-94-007-6346-3. (Publisher's Link) (On-line Review)

Salbrina, S. (2011). Brunei English: An Acoustic Investigation of the Segmental Features. Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-3845441863.

Journal Articles

Salbrina Sharbawi & Afi Hasnan (2018). Reevaluating rhoticity in Brunei English: The case of the Kedayans, South East Asia: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 18, 22–37. (PDF Version).

Sabrina, S. (2012). Revisiting the vowels of Brunei English. World Englishes, 31(2), 177–197.

Salbrina, S. (2010). The sounds of Brunei English: 15 years on. South East Asia: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 10, 39–56. (PDF version).

Salbrina, S., & Deterding, D. (2010). Rhoticity in Brunei English. English World-Wide, 31(2), 121–137.

Salbrina, H. S. (2006). The vowels of Brunei English: An acoustic investigation. English World-Wide, 27, 247–264.

Book Chapters

Salbrina, H. S. (2005). The reduction and simplification of final consonant clusters in Brunei English: The case of plosive-deletion and modification. In Dato Paduka Seri Setia Profesor Dr Hj Mahmud Saedon Bin Awang Othman Dalam Kenangan: Essays in Memory of Vice-Chancellor, UBD, 1999-2002 (pp. 302–312). Brunei: Universiti Brunei Darussalam.


Salbrina, H. S. (2002). The production of length and quality contrasts in vowels by Brunei Malay learners of English. Unpublished master’s dissertation, University of York, UK.

Conference Papers

Salbrina, S. (2011). Rhoticity in Brunei English: Evidence of Americanization? Paper presented at the 17th Annual Conference of the International Association for World Englishes, Melbourne, Australia, November 23 – 25.

Salbrina, S. (2011). Analysis of ELF interactions between Malay speakers from Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. Paper presented at the 4th English as a Lingua Franca Conference, Hong Kong, May 26–28.

Salbrina, S. (2005). An acoustic investigation of the vowels of Brunei English. Paper presented at the 10th English in Southeast Asia Conference, Brunei, December 12–15.

Invited talk

Salbrina, S. (2007). An acoustic investigation of the Brunei English vowels. National Institute of Education Phonetics Symposium. July 28.