Introduction: Dusun

Dusun is spoken by the Dusun people, one of the seven officially-recognised ethnic groups (Puak Jati ‘native people’ in Malay, or Sang Jati in Dusun) in Brunei Darussalam (Noor Azam, McLellan & Deterding, 2016). A related language is spoken by the Kadazan in Sabah, Malaysia (Aini, 2012). However, the languages of the Dusun in Brunei and the Kadazan in Sabah are quite distinct in terms of pronunciation and lexis (Yabit, 1994). In an early study, Clayre (1966) provided a description of several dialects of Dusun across Sabah and showed that, while there are considerable differences in pronunciation, most of the varieties have a high percentage of shared lexis.