Breadth Module


Majors for Pre-August-2016 Intakes

Introduction to the BA Programme

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences allows students, under the Generation Next degrees, to follow a broad-based curriculum on their way to obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree.

FASS Entry Qualifications

General Requirement At least a credit 6 in English Language at GCE ‘O’ Level Examination
OR a grade ‘B’ in IGCSE English (as a Second Language)
OR an IELTS score of 6.0**
OR a TOEFL minimum overall score of 550
OR a pass in the UBD Bridging English Course
OR Band B2 in the UBD English Proficiency Test
‘A’ Level Qualification or its equivalent

A minimum of 160 points for two (2) ‘A’ Level passes
OR 200 points for three (3) ‘A’ Level passes in relevant subjects


(Subjects such as Ulum Hadith, Ulum Al-Quran and Tahfiz Al-Quran are not included under the two ‘A’ Level passes required but may be considered as a third ‘A’ level subject)

International Baccalaureate International Baccalaureate Diploma with a minimum score 24 points;
International Baccalaureate Certificate with a minimum score of 24 points including:
  • a minimum of 5 points each, in at least two subjects taken at Higher Level, or
  • 5, 4, 4 points for three subjects taken at Higher Level

Re-sits / Upgrade of results are allowed.
Higher National Diploma Qualification (HND) 5 Merits of core modules excluding Communication Skills.
Applicants with Prior Work Experience At least five (5) years working experience; AND
At least one (1) ‘A’ Level in a relevant subject OR five (5) merits and /or distinctions in HND, or its equivalent

Please refer to the following documents for more information regarding additional requirements:

Moreover, please note that fulfilling the entrance requirements does not guarantee a place in the programme. Admission is competitive and may be limited.


To obtain a degree you must pass a number of modules. Once you pass a module you will be awarded modular credits, and you must receive a number of modular credits in order to obain a degree.

There are different types of modules offered as shown in the table below.

Module Definition
These modules vary in difficulty and depth at Undergraduate study - Level 1000 indicating the lowest, and Level 4000 the highest.
Level 5000 These modules are designed for Postgraduate level depth, analysis and application.
Breadth These are modules that are taken from outside the declared Major and also, where required, outside the Faculty.
Compulsory Breadth These are modules that must be taken, but are part of the Breadth component of the degree.

BA Regulations and Graduation Requirements

The regulations and graduation requirements depend on the year of intake:


Year of EntryProgramme Structure Regulations Graduation Requirements
2012 Aug Structure Regulations Requirements
2013 Jan Structure Regulations Requirements
2013 Aug to 2016 Jan Structure Regulations Requirements
2016 Aug onwards Structure Regulations Requirements
2017 Aug onwards Design and Creative Industries

FASS MC Tracking form

Kindly use the FASS MC tracking form as a reference, to guide you on the right track and frequently review to ensure you have fulfilled the graduation requirements.


  1. Fill out the FASS MC tracking form and attach all the transcripts.
  2. Bring all documents and get advice from the Programme Leader/Coordinator of your Major
  3. After discussion, the Programme Leader/Coordinator will verify the form
  4. Students make a copy of the form for future reference
  5. Send the completed form to FASS General office (Room 2.03)


Download here: FASS MC tracking form



The FASS MC tracking form is to be used as a reference only, a guide for students to take the necessary steps to fulfill the graduation requirements.