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Books Recently Published by FASS Staff

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Ho, H., & Deterding, D. (Eds.). (2021). Engaging modern Brunei: Research on language, literature and culture. Springer.

He, D. (2020). China English in world Englishes: Education and use in the professional world. Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-8187-8
(Publisher’s Link   |   PDF Version)

Ullah AKM Ahsan & Md Shahidul Haque. (2020). The migration myth in policy and practice: Dreams, development and despair. Springer Nature.
(Publisher’s Link)

Curaming, R. A. (2019). Power and knowledge in Southeast Asia: State and scholars in Indonesia and the Philippines. Routledge.
(Publisher’s Link)

Liu, Y. (2018). 3D cinematic aesthetics and storytelling. Palgrave Macmillan.
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Recent International Publications

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Liu, Y., Chin, W. L., Nechita, F., & Candrea, A. N. (2020). Framing film-induced tourism into a sustainable perspective from Romania, Indonesia and Malaysia. Sustainability, 12(23), 9910.

Lopes, R. O. (2020, September/October). Artistic eclecticism in Mughal miniature painting from 1526 to 1707. Orientations, 51(5), 65-77. (Link)

Lopes, R. O. (2020). Museum curation in the digital age. In G. Hearn (Ed.), The future of creative work: Creativity and digital disruption (pp. 124-140). Edward Elgar Publishing. (Link)

Gweshengwe, B., & Noor Hasharina Hassan. (2020). Defining the characteristics of poverty and their implications for poverty analysis. Cogent Social Sciences, 6(1) , 1 - 10. Link:

Gweshengwe B., Noor Hasharina Hassan & Hairuni Mohamed Ali Maricar. (2020). Perceptions of the language and meaning of poverty in Brunei Darussalam. Journal of Asian and African Studies, pp.1 – 18. Link:

Lopes, R. O. (2020) A ‘Flora Sinensis’ de Michał Piotr Boym (1654): Animais, plantas e frutos medicinais da China e do Sudeste Asiático. Revista Oriente, 28, 92-101.

Lopes, R. O. (2020) An overview of the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in Brunei Darussalam. International Journal of Intangible Heritage, 15, 152-163.

Lopes, R. O. (2020) Jesuit visual culture and the Song nianzhu guicheng. The Annunciation as a spiritual meditation on the redemptive Incarnation of Christ. Art in Translation, 12(1), 82-113. DOI: 10.1080/17561310.2020.1769905.

Lopes, R. O. (2020). The “transience of things” in Vajrayana Buddhist visual culture. Convocarte - Journal of Art Studies, 8, 107-128. (PDF Version)

Siti Mazidah Mohamad. (2020). Creative Production of 'COVID-19 Social Distancing' Narratives on Social Media. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie. Special Issue on The Geography of the Corona Virus.

Ullah AKM Ahsan, Shirley Chin Wei Lee, Noor Hasharina Hasan & Nawaz F. 2020. Xenophobia in the GCC Countries: Migrants’ Desire, Dream and Despair. Global Affairs, 6(2):1-22. Routledge Journal. (PDF Version).

Ullah AKM Ahsan, Hossain A; Azizuddin M & Nawaz F. 2020. Social research methods: migration in perspective. Migration Letters, 17(2):357-368. (PDF Version).

Ullah AKM Ahsan & Hannah Ho. 2020. Globalization and Cultures in Southeast Asia: Demise, Fragmentation, Transformation. Global Society, 34(2):1-19 (Routledge Journal). (PDF Version).

Ullah, AKM Ahsan, Noor Hasharina Hassan, Siti Mazidah Mohamad, and Diotima Chattoraj. (2020). Migration and Security: Implications for Minority migrant groups. India Quarterly.

Lopes, R. O., & Aliudin, R. (2019). The Cultural and Creative Industries as a New Road to Economic Diversification in Brunei Darussalam. South East Asia: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 19, 64–77. (PDF Version).

Lopes, R. O., Owais Ahmed Malik, Asiyah Az-Zahra Ahmad Kumpoh, Keasberry, C., Ong, W. H., Chin, W. L., & Liu, Y. (2019). Exploring digital architectural heritage in Brunei Darussalam: Towards heritage safeguarding, smart tourism, and interactive education. In 2019 IEEE Fifth International Conference on Multimedia Big Data (BigMM) (pp. 383–390). (PDF Version).

Ullah, A.K.M. Ahsan, Siti Mazidah Mohamad, Noor Hasharina Hassan, & Diotima Chattoraj (2019). Global skills deficiency: perspectives of skill mobility in Southeast Asian countries. Asian Education and Development Studies, (On-line Link). (PDF Version).

Ullah, AKM Ahsan. (2018). The intersections of migration and governance in Bangladesh, South Asia Journal, 26 October (Special Issue), 45–53. (PDF Version).

Ullah, AKM Ahsan & Chattoraj, D. (2018). Roots of discrimination against Rohingya minorities: Society, Ethnicity and International Relations. Intellectual Discourse, 26(2), 541–565. (PDF Version).

Ullah, AKM Ahsan, & Asiyah Az-Zahra Ahmad Kumpoh. (2018). Diaspora community in Brunei: Culture, ethnicity and integration. Diaspora Studies, 11(3): In press (Routledge Journal). (PDF Version).

Ullah AKM Ahsan, & Asiyah Az-Zahra Ahmad Kumpoh. (2018). Are borders the reflection of international relations? Southeast Asian borders in perspective. Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs, 5(3): In press. (Sage Journal). (PDF Version).

Lopes, R. O. (2018). L’art dans les missions jésuites en Chine. Une edition illustrée du XVIIe siècle de la ‘Méthode de prière du Rosaire’. Histoire de l’art, 82, 141–154.

Kurz, J. (2018). Making History in Borneo: Ong Sum Ping and His Others during the Late Yuan and Early Ming Dynasties. International Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies 14.2 (July 2018). (On-line Link).

Ullah AKM Ahsan, & Alkaff Sharifah Nurul Huda. (2018). Biological remittance among migrant workers: Social ramifications in the Philippines and Indonesia, Journal of Asian and African Studies, 53(6), 896–916. (PDF Version).

Lewis, C., & Deterding, D. (2018). Word stress and pronunciation teaching in English as a Lingua Franca contexts. CATESOL Journal, 30(1), 161–176. (Online Link).

Ullah AKM Ahsan & Azizuddin M. (2018). South Asian student migration to Nordic countries: Changing initial motivations, Asian Profile, 46(1), 73–87. (PDF Version).

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