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Majors for Pre-August-2016 Intakes

History and International Studies

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Degrees Offered

Programme Description

The major in History and International Studies programme at UBD combines the long-established and more recent ideas and approaches to the study of the past. Using innovative methods in teaching and curriculum design envisioned in the GenNext, it provides students with the opportunities to gain a broad understanding of history and international affairs. It also seeks to equip them with analytical and methodological skills necessary to evaluate sources and craft historical narratives and analysis. At the same time, it instills in the students the critical awareness of the manifestations and applications of history in the contemporary world and domestic public sphere. MA in Historical Studies by Research and PhD in Historical Studies programmes offer students the opportunity to work with at least two supervisors to undertake critical and advanced historical research in a view to make original contribution in a chosen topic.

Programme Highlights

The History and International Studies Programme (HIS) presents a team of highly qualified and experienced teaching staff engaged in teaching and supervision at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Within its learning environment, HIS is keen to apply rigorous historical methods, interdisciplinary approach, comparative lens and global perspective.


This programme seeks to equip students with practical and analytical tools that prepare them for a wide range of professional responsibilities and excellence in fields such as teaching, journalism, leadership, research, public administration, foreign service or diplomacy, museum and archive administration and library work, among other professions.

Single Major

In order to graduate with a Single Major in History and International Studies, a student will need to have successfully completed a minimum of 72 Modular Credits within 4 to 6 years.

The following modules must be taken as core for the the History and International Studies Single Major:

Core Modules

AH-1201 The State and Society in World Civilisations
AH-1202 The Making of Brunei Darussalam
AH-2201 History Practice I: Thoughts and Methods in Recent Approaches
AH-2203 History Practice II: Study of Historical Documents
AH-4201 Research Project


Option Modules

AH-1301 Penyelidikan dan Kontroversi dalam Sejarah
AH-2301 South Asia: The Dawn of History
AH-2302 Imperialism and European Expansion Overseas
AH-2304 Islam in a Changing Southeast Asia
AH-2305 'History and Memory Wars' in Asia Pacific
AH-2306 Transformation of Malaysia until 2000
AH-2307 Sejarah Sosio-Ekonomi Brunei Sejak Abad Ke-19
AH-2308 Global Issues: An Introduction to International Studies
AH-2309 Indonesia in the 20th Century: From a Political Concept to a Regional Power
AH-2310 Traditions and Modernisation in Brunei Darussalam
AH-2311-Sejarah Pendidikan Brunei (1850 – 2015)
AH-3301 History and/as Popular Culture in Southeast Asia
AH-3302 End of Empires: European Decolonization in the 20th Century
AH-3303 Reading Cultural History
AH-3304 Culture, Identity and Politics in the Malay World
AH-3305 Kesultanan Melayu Tradisional: Kepimpinan dan Kuasa
AH-3306 International Relations: History and Theory
AH-3307 Global Environmental History since 1500 AD
AH-3308 Sejarah Sarawak dan Sabah sejak tahun 1800
AH-3309 Sejarah Politik Brunei (1800 – 2015)
AW-3301 Southeast Asia and The World
AH-4302 Emergence of a Superpower: US Political History and Foreign Policy Since 1783
AH-4303 Southeast Asia from Subsistence to Industrialization
AH-4304 The Formation of States in Early East Asia, 6th to 15th Centuries
AH-4305 World of Islam: Global History and Muslim Societies
AH-4307 European History since 1789
AH-4308 India and Its Neighbours: Accommodations, Conflicts and Interactions
AH-4309 Globalizing Southeast Asia: ASEAN and International Organizations
AH-4310 The Making of Modern East Asia (1840-1941)
AH-4311 The Making of the Asia-Pacific
AH-4312 Oral Sources and Methods for Historians and Social Scientists
AH-4313 History, Philosophy and Theory
AH-4314 Japan and Southeast Asia: World War II and Beyond
AZ-4304 Politics and Law in Comparative Perspective
BE-4310 ASEAN Economies
PB-4305 Brunei's Foreign Policy