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ACT 1st Semester 2016-17 Undergraduate Art Exhibition: Ceramics & Mixed Media

Art and Creative Technology 1st Semester 2016-17 Undergraduate Art Exhibition: Ceramics and Mixed Media, is the forth ACT student art exhibition hosted at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Teaching Gallery, 1st floor of FASS Building. This exhibition is co-curated by Dr. Martie Geiger-Ho, ACT senior lecturer, and Mr. Rahiman Aliudin, ACT tutor, and showcases some of the outstanding artworks created by 59 students enrolled in AR-4305 Ceramics and Product Design and 61 students in AR-4302 Mixed Media and Multimedia Art.

The content of this undergraduate art exhibition is related to three assignments designed for these two modules, including Coil Pots, Clay Stamps and Pinch Pots, and Bruneian Street Art – Up Against a Wall. In the Bruneian Street Art assignment, students are required to design a model of a street art installation based on an actual wall in Brunei. The installation showcases images integrated into the texture and 2D and/or 3D elements of a real wall. The street art concept highlights Brunei's culture and creativity. Most student model installations reveal their understanding of public art and 3D mural art combined with an appreciation of their own culture. The Coil Pots and Pinch Pots assignments are pilot hands-on projects that teach students how to work with the clay and glaze using handbuilding techniques. The student pots show a deep understanding of the 3D thinking involved with constructing and finishing their kiln fired pots. Art and Creative Technology 1st Semester 2016-17 Undergraduate Art Exhibition: Ceramics and Mixed Media takes advantage of FASS's Teaching Gallery space to display student's visions of culture and creativity through their exploration of different materials and expressions. Each artwork represents an encapsulated focus on either a cultural issue or a well referenced intellectual concern about creativity and art in society.