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New Books by FASS staff


During the Brunei-Malaysia Forum 2016, four new books written and edited by FASS staff were launched.

The The Use and Status of Language in Brunei Darussalam describes various facets of language structure and usage in Brunei, including the status of indigenous minority languages, the language of signs in shopping malls, the pronunciation of English and Chinese in Brunei, aspect markers used by children when they speak Brunei Malay, on-line discourse, the language of the courtroom, politeness strategies in Malay, literature in Brunei, and religious and secular education in Brunei.

The book is edited by Noor Azam Haji-Othman, James McLellan and David Deterdeing, and it is published by Springer.

The chapters were written not just by faculty members of FASS but also by students who majored in English Language and Linguistics in FASS.


Some of the contributors to the book, at the book launch ceremony held during the dinner for the Burnei-Malaysia Forum held on 16 November

Also launched during the dinner on 16 November were three other books:

English in Malaysia: Current Use and Status, edited by Toshiko Yamaguchi (of the University of Malaya) and David Deterding (of UBD), and published by Brill.

The book describes the pronunciation, patterns of usage, and status of English in Malaysia, and it includes a chapter by James McLellan (of UBD) entitled 'English and other languages in the online discourse of East Malaysians'.

Larger than Life: Mural Dreamscapes was written by Kong Ho and published by Outskirts Press in Parker, Oregon.

In the book, the author shares his experiences as an art teacher for 25 years and as a creater of large-scale murals for 18 years.

In the first part, the reader is introduced to the founding history and early community mural projects of the Hong Kong Mural Society, a non-profit art organization co-founded by Kong Ho in 1997.

The second half of this book presents the impact of community murals on the community in terms of educational, social, cultural, historical and technological contexts through Kong Ho's Fulbright Scholarship in teaching mural painting in Bulgaria and his community mural projects in Brunei Darussalam.

The fourth book that was launched was Tujuh Serangkai: Dari Perspektif Sejarah, written by Haji Asbol bin Haji Mail, Nani Suryani binti Haji Abu Bakar and Izzah Afiqiah binti Haji Abdullah from the FASS Historical Studies programme, and published by the Brunei History Centre.