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DY Internship at RTB

Three English Language students completed their Discovery Year internship at Radio Television Brunei (RTB) from September till December 2018.

They gave their final presentation at the Madang RTB Training Centre on 3 December 2018.

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    FASS Term Screening 2018

On Saturday, 17th November, 2018 the FASS Term Screening for Semester 1, 2018/2019 was held with the theme “Insiders, Outsiders and the Inbetweeners”.

The Term Screening, jointly organised by Dr Yong Liu and Ms Mayyer Ling, witnessed the showcase of 34 short films in the categroies: documentary, experimental, fiction, and public service advertisements.

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Presentations at BICET 2018

On 13 November 2018, Dr Shafi Noor Islam presented two papers at the 7th Brunei International Conference on Engineering and Technology (BICET) that was organized by Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) from 12 till 14 November 2018.

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    Field Trip to Tanjung Batu

On Sunday, 21st October 2018, Dr Shafi Noor Islam led a field trip to the Tanjung Batu coastal area and Api-Api wetland areas of Muara district.

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Displaced Sri Lankan Tamils

On 18 October 2018, Dr. Diotima Chattoraj presented a FASS seminar titled ‘Ambivalent Attachments: Shifting Notions of Home among Displaced Sri Lankan Tamils'.

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    Teachers' Day Award

On Monday, 24 September 2018, during the 28th Teachers' Day, Noor Azam Haji-Othman was presented with a Special Mention Award for services in the the area of English Language and Linguistics by HM The Sultan of Brunei.

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Intelligibility in Chinese English

On 15 September 2018, David Deterding gave a keynote presentation entitled 'Intelligbility in Chinese English' at the 6th International Conference on English Phonetics Teaching in China at Yangzhou University in China.

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Images from Gema Dari Menara (1968) courtesy of Mervin Espina

   Films and Tourism

On 28 August 2018, Dr. Yong Liu presented a FASS seminar titled ‘The Possibility and potentiality of Brunei’s Film-induced Tourism Development’.

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Shanghai Student Television Festival

In June 2018, two short visual works produced by FASS students enrolled in the 2017/18 2nd semester AC-4308 Communication & Pop Culture module (Lecturer: Ms. Mayyer Ling) won Short-list Awards in the DV Shorts Competition at the 11th Shanghai Student Television Festival (SSTF), which is a sub-programme of the annual Shanghai International Film Festival.

The two Public Service Advertisement (PSA) works titled Gamer Girls and Muslim or Non-Muslim were first screened during the 1st Prism UBD Short Film Festival in late April. They were then submitted to the SSTF in May 2018. The two works were officially selected for the final competition from among 560 submitted student works from all over the world, and they both won a Short-list Award in the category of Best Public Service Advertisement.

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   Internships at the Forestry Department

Five students successfully completed their internship in Semester II, 2017/2018 at the Forestry Department, in the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, Government of Brunei Darussalam.

The internship lasted for 14 weeks from Monday, 15 January till Saturday, 21 April 2018.

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Research on Kampung Ayer

Under the research module AD/AV-3307 Sustainable Research through Experiential Learning, Dr. Shafi Noor Islam is offering a research project entitled The Significance of Kampong Ayer Water Village as Becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Brunei Darussalam.

Seven students have completed projects in connection with this.

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   PRISM Short Film Festival

The first PRISM UBD Short Film Festival organised by the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) took place in Lecture Hall 2 in the ICTC building at UBD on Saturday, 21 April 2018.

The one-day event had two screening sessions (morning and afternoon) that showcased a total over forty short works.

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Agricultural Landuse in BSB

On 19th April 2018, Dr. Shafi Noor Islam gave a FASS seminar entitled 'Urban and Peri-Urban Agricultural Landuse Pattern of Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei Darussalam: An Analysis'.

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   FASS Seminar by Iftekhar Iqbal

On 5 April 2018, Dr Iftekhar Iqbal gave a seminar entitled 'Mapping Inter-Asia Engagements: A View from the Mekong'.

Looking from the advantage of the Mekong River, the paper discussed how, in the course of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the Mekong became the site of exchanges of multiple ethnicities, ideas and commodities from India, China and Southeast Asia.

In particular the paper examined how, depite their varied backgrounds and locations, from Yunnan to the Mekong Delta, people attached a sense of placement and also of ecological commonality to the river that they shared.

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Fieldtrip for Geomatics Students

In 2017-2018 Semester 2, 77 students are taking the module AV-2308 / AW-2312 Introduction to Geomatics with Dr Shafi Noor Islam. On 30 January 2018 they went on a field trip to investigate the landscape, landuse and land cover changes near the UBD campus.

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   Landuse Mind Map Project

80 students are taking the Module AD-4308 / AW-4305 Landuse and Development with Dr. Shafi Noor Islam. On 27th January 2018, they were involved in preparation of the “Mind Map Project”. Every student presented their individual mind map project showing the changing pattern of landuse on both sides of the road around the UBD campus.

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Heritage Tourism at Kampong Ayer

On 17 January 2018, Dr Shafi Noor Islam presented a paper entitled 'Heritage Tourism at Kampong Ayer Water Village for Reaching UNESCO World Heritage Status in Brunei Darussalam on the Island of Borneo' at the International Tourism Conference & Exhibition – Tourism and Heritage: The ASEAN & Borneo Context that was organized jointly by the Institute of Asian Studies at UBD and the Borneo Studies Network.

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