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Southeast Asia: A Multidisciplinary Journal

Volume 20, Issue 2 (2020)

This special issue brings together critical essays on Gema Dari Menara (1968), Brunei's first feature film, and demonstrates the significance of this film for any scholars of Bruneian history, culture, media and identity.

This collection includes discussions of national identity construction and popular culture, a comparative study of language use via signs in the film to the present-day, an evaluation of the construction of religious prohibitions, negotiations and juxtapositions of the sacred and the secular, and the use of modern technologies in the film, amongst others.

While this collection in no way constitutes comprehensive scholarship of the film, it is hoped that it will open up conversations for further study and research on a film whose significance continues to be relevant today.


Gema Dari Menara (1968), Brunei’s first feature film.
Kathrina Mohd Daud.


Justifying the sacred through the secular: Evaluating Gema Dari Menara’s arguments for religious prohibitions.
Daniel Wee.

The negotiation between the predominated sacredness and secular popular culture in Brunei Darussalam.
Yong Liu.

Technologizing Islam, Islamifying technology: The use of modern technologies in Brunei’s first film, Gema Dari Menara (1968).
Rinni Haji Amran.

Visualising change: Linguistic and semiotic landscape of Tutong Town.
Noor Azam Haji-Othman.

Malayness in Gema Dari Menara (1968).
Zuliana Masri.

Gema Dari Menara (1968): Amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar as Islamic da’wahism in Bruneian film.
Najib Noorashid, Nur Raihan Mohamad & Ririn Kurnia Trisnawati.

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