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Majors for Pre-August-2016 Intakes

English Language & Linguistics

Academic Contributors

Sharifah Nurul Huda Alkaff (Programme Leader)
lang Salbrina Hj Sharbawi (Coordinator)
Hjh Aznah Hj Suhaimi
David Deterding
Debbie Ho
Gary Jones
Hannah Ho Ming Yit
James McLellan
Noor Azam OKMB Hj Othman
Paul Deyuan He
Mayyer Ling


English is the global Language of our times. The English Language and Linguistics programme provides essential skills for a wide range of careers in the public and private sectors in Brunei and around the world.


The major draws on various disciplines and equips students with the intellectual skills and knowledge to answer questions such as:


Studying for a major in English Language and Linguistics will help students develop the following skills:



Students are taught through lectures, seminars, tutorials and various independent tasks. Assessment involves essays, reports, presentations and reading tasks. It also involves a range of practical tasks, including transcription of audio and video recordings, analysis of grammatical patterns found in language, and the use of questionnaires and interviews to investigate patterns of language use and attitudes towards language.


Level 1000 - Foundation Year

AE-1201 Introduction to English Language & Linguistics I
AE-1202 Introduction to English Language & Linguistics II


Level 2000 - Establishment Year

AE-2201 The Structure of English
AE-2202 Language in Society
AE-2203 Discourse Analysis
AE-2204 Psycholinguistics


Level 3000 - Discovery Year

AE-3301 Language Acquisition
AE-3302 Language & Gender
AE-3303 Language Issues in Brunei
AE-3304 History of English


Level 4000 - Capstone Year

AE-4301 Translation: Theory & Practice
AE-4302 Systemic Functional Grammar
AE-4303 Semantics
AE-4304 Advanced Phonetics and Phonology
AE-4305 Bilingualism: Theory and Practice
AE-4306 Research Methods in Linguistics
AE-4307 Pragmatics
AE-4308 Forensic Linguistics
AE-4309 Language Disorders
AE-4310 Models of Syntax
AE-4311 World Englishes
AE-4312 Critical Discourse Analysis
AE-4313 Academic Exercise