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Majors for Pre-August-2016 Intakes

English Literature

Academic Contributors

Sharifah Nurul Huda Alkaff (Programme Leader)
Hannah Ho Ming Yit
Kathrina bte DP Haji Mohd Daud
Rinni Marliyana binti Hj Amran


Ever wonder why there are thousands of students who enjoy reading and learning about English literature all over the world? Most of these students are, first and foremost, lovers of a good narrative or story, a story that takes them into historical settings where tragic heroes die, or fantasy worlds where good must overcome evil forces or foreign countries and cultures where characters think and act in different ways. However, the study of English literature is not just about the enduring power of story-telling, it is also about understanding the historical experiences of humankind throughout the ages. The imagined worlds contained within the works of fiction can provide authentic insights into the human condition—be it emotional, psychological, intellectual or ideological. This is why immortalized characters like Helen of Troy, Frankenstein, and Romeo and Juliet have not only inspired readers from all ages, but have continued to exert their influence on today’s popular culture in the form of movies, TV shows and comic books, among others. Above all, the study of literature also enables us to appreciate the beauty of the written word as artistic expression, and it enriches the minds of those who study it.

The English Literature major offers students the opportunity to study both classic and modern works of famous writers from all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the USA, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. Students will learn to analyze and interpret poems, plays, novels, short stories as well as visual texts that include film and art. Through a range of challenging and exciting modules, students will learn about literary genres and history, strategies in literary criticism and analysis, research methods, creative writing, and different theoretical approaches to understanding and appreciating literature. The major also encourages interactive class discussions and participation that will help students develop their self-confidence in expressing their opinions and thoughts. At the same time, students will also have the opportunity to develop their skills in the English language through reading, writing, listening and speaking. These skills, as well as those of independent thinking and research, will contribute greatly to future career pursuits that may include public relations, foreign or diplomatic service, writing, advertising, teaching and many others.

Level 1000 - Foundation Year

AL-1201 Introduction to English Literature
AL-1202 Literary Appreciation and Criticism


Level 2000 - Establishment Year

AL-2201 From Romantic to Decadent
AL-2202 Drama Studies
AL-2203 20th Century Literature
AL-2204 Film & Literature
AL-2305 Popular Fiction
AL-2306 Gender, Time and Space in Literature


Level 3000 - Discovery Year

AL-3301 Script-writing
AL-3302 Writing Poetry and Short Stories
AL-3303/AM-3403 Postmodern Theatre
AL-3304 Language and Literature
AL-3305 Theatre Production


Level 4000 - Capstone Year

AL-4201 Contemporary Critical Theory
AL-4205 Postcolonial Literature
AL-4302 American Literature
AL-4303 The Western Canon
AL-4304 Life Writing
AL-4306 Research Project
AL-4307 Literature of America's Minorities
AL-4308 Literature for Children
AL-4309 SEA Literature