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ASEAN — Gp2 : 152

FMyan : by the way I would like to know how to teach grammar in your (.) er school? so what er your country?

FSing : okay er ever since the new syllabus was introduced (.) er we do not er teach grammar the incidental way. okay so we follow the um (.) what do you call it textbook and er from the foundation years which is um p one two and three (.) there is a structured

FMyan : incidental way?

FSing : incidental way <1> was the </1>

FMyan : <1> what do you mean </1>

FSing : communicative approach <2> where we um </2>

FMyan : <2> communicative approach </2>

FSing : teach grammar incidentally

FMyan : incidentally

FSing : but er ever since the two thousand and one new syllabus was introduced (.) so er grammar is taught in a more structured way

FMyan: in singapore?

FSing: yes

FMyan: oh. how nice.

Discussion: FMyan does not understand the concept of the 'incidental way' in teaching grammar. It is possible she does not know the word incidental.