Data Sets



Chinese + Bruneian

The recording was made on 19 February 2011, in a lecturer's office at the University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD). The Bruneian (S1) interviewed the exchange student from Guangdong Province in south China (S2) about her experiences in Brunei and her hobbies. S2 had been in Brunei for about six months at the time of the interview

The particpants were:

The transcription was done by S1. In doing the transcription, she took note of the words she had not understood during the interview. In most cases, she was subsequently able to work out what was said. S2 later came and helped explain any remaining doubts.

We are grateful for the help given by S2, in agreeing to the interview and then in being willing subsequently to come and help explain what she actually said.