Data Sets



ASEAN — Gp2 : 316

FSing : how many teachers are THERE in that in that class

FLao : only one teacher

FMyan : <1> only one teacher </1>

FSing : <1> and how does she manage </1>

FLao : ah her name is manithong

FMyan : oh?

FSing : how does she <2> manage </2>

FMyan : <2> how how </2>

FSing : i mean so many pupils

FLao : erm she says she she can't make students in a group of teaching (.) just write on the board

Discussion: Here FLao answers about the name of the teacher rather than explaining how the teacher manages with a large class. It is possible that she does not understand the word manage, or possibly she does not hear it clearly because of the overlapping speech when the question is asked.