Data Sets



ASEAN — Gp2 : 521

FSing : but how did you manage to cope when you were taught English at the very later stage (1.4)

FMyan : pardon?

FSing : h- how how are you all able to cope you know when in your during your time (.) you were taught English only at secondary level

FMyan : mm mm mm mmm (.) if I have to say <1> the truth </1>

FLao : <1> @@@ </1>

FSing : hm-mm

FMyan : erm tsk erm since (.) erm until until I was in the (.) s- er secondary level

FSing : hm-mm

FMyan : er I didn't know mmm what grammar i- is

Discussion: It is hard to determine why FMyan was unable to understand the question asked by FSing. After a pause of over one second, she asked for clarification. When the question was rephrased, FMyan replied appropriately.