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Majors for Pre-August-2016 Intakes

Art & Creative Technology

Art & Creative Technology is no longer offered as a Major, starting from the January 2016 intake.

Academic Contributors

Rui Oliveira Lopes (Programme Leade)
Yong Liu (Coordinator)
Pg Mohd Rahiman Pg Aliudin

Programme Description:

An innovative and challenging art and creative technology (ACT) major programme under the GenNext degrees of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) has been established at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Unique to our region, the ACT major programme takes advantage of highly accomplished teaching artists and a high-tech IBM Centre for the visual arts to provide students with a broad-based education in art, design and creative technology. The ACT major programme explores the thematic relationships among the visual and applied arts through a combination of theoretical study and experiential learning. Students are exposed to a full array of creative art making concepts from various cultures as part of their college experience. Students are guided through courses that are designed to give them the tools they need for developing their own creative language and style.


Research Areas:

The research areas of the ACT major programme include broad and diverse subjects, such as contemporary visual arts, mural painting, ceramics, glass, sculpture, installation, digital art, digital photography, digital video, illustration, animation, graphic design, textile design, product design, exhibition design, stage design, video games design, communication art, public art, community art and Bruneian traditional arts and crafts.


Teaching Programmes:

Students will get hands-on experience as they from the following courses: introduction to visual art foundation, design studies, painting, creative art technology, art history, graphic design, motion graphics, sculpture and 3D design, introduction to 3D animation, digital photography and videography, digital illustration, directed study, mixed media, capstone project, ceramics and product design, creative industries and cultural study, and Bruneian traditional art and crafts. These courses will be augmented with other special opportunities, seminars and courses that will be offered as the need and circumstance offers. Also, the ACT teaching programmes are designed to prepare students to the commitment of developing Brunei's creative industries at national and international levels.


Graduates of the ACT major are often highly motivated, creative and energetic individuals who have developed good communication skills in visual arts and used to think "outside the box." Those who have completed the ACT four-year education, report new self-confidence in their abilities to apply creative ideas and practical technology skills in any creative industries area that they have encountered. Also, they have developed an ability to work well under pressure and to be flexible. Such skills are highly valued in and transferable to the creative industries beyond college. Graduates will be ready for further MA or MFA study or for one of the thousands of specialized careers in art and design.


Outreach Programmes:

All ACT major Year 3 students will participate in various challenging UBD Discovery Year programmes, such as study abroad or student exchange programme, internship, community outreach programme, or innovation and incubation projects, which are designed to prepare them for a competitive reality after their graduations where practical skills and innovative ideas are essential. Through this Discovery Year, students gain valuable experience and exposure in a real world setting.

Events and Special Facilities:

The ACT major students organize an annual student art exhibition outside the UBD campus to showcase their innovative artworks and creative technology skills to the public. At the same time, they are actively involved in community art and creative technology projects, such as community mural projects, 3D animation workshops and digital photography workshops. Moreover, the ACT major programme works closely with the Creative Industries Research Cluster in organizing annual Creative Industries Festivals to promote Brunei's emerging and established visual artists and creative industries practitioners to the general public.

Level 1000 - Foundation Year

AR-1201 Introduction to Visual Art
AR-1202 Design Studies
AR-1203 Painting I
AR-1204 Creative Art Technology

Level 2000 - Establishment Year

AR-2201 Graphic Design
AR-2202 Art History
AR-2203 Motion Graphics
AR-2204 Sculpture and 3D Design

Level 3000 - Discovery Year

AR-3301 Introduction to 3D Animation
AR-3302 Advanced Painting
AR-3303 Digital Photography and Videography
AR-3304 3D Animation and Digital Illustration

Level 4000 - Capstone Year

AR-4201 Directed Study
AR-4302 Mixed Media & Multimedia Art
AR-4303 Design Studies II
AR-4204 Capstone Project
AR-4305 Ceramics & Product Design
AR-4306 Creative Industries & Cultural Study
AR-4307 Bruneian Traditional Art and Craft


Student Testimonials

Mimi Farahyahida binti Haji Omarali
UBD 2014, BA in Art & Creative Technology graduate

“I have learnt and gained lots of knowledge and experiences throughout my four years of studying and majoring in Art and Creative Technology in UBD. All the art modules being offered were highly interesting. The Discovery Year Programme during the third year also gave me an opportunity to study Islamic and Traditional Arts in Prince School of Traditional Arts, one of the most prestigious art schools in London. It was actually a course designed for Post Graduates but I was selected to attend the course as an exchange student during my Discovery Year. The schedule was quite intense and I had to cover all the 13 compulsory modules within 10 months instead of the usual 2 years programme. But somehow I managed to cope up and score well. I learnt new techniques and got to mingle and share ideas with several student artists who came from all around the world. It was one of the best programmes I had ever ncountered.

“The final year’s Directed Study and Capstone Project was quite challenging, but my Discovery year experience of studying Islamic Art helped me to implement it into the final project. It was also one of the best bonding years for final year art students, because we worked together day and night to ensure the success of our final year graduation show. Also, this work helped us to prepare ourselves for our future art careers. I am glad to be part of UBD graduates and I am thankful for what UBD has given me.”


Dk Noor Affizah bte Pg Hj Abd Rahman
UBD 2013 BA in Art and Creative Technology graduate

"Throughout my four years of learning in the Art & Creative Technology programme, I gained a lot of insight about its beneficial application towards creative young individuals as well as ways to contribute the growth of the society’s developments. Art & Creative Technology exposes the idea of incorporating other subjects of science, business, mathematics and many more into art problems with applications in interior design, stage design, art installation, and product design. Also, I learnt how to market designs, multimedia art, and other varieties of diverse art forms. Most of the mentioned subjects can be applied in propelling the market of creative industry in Brunei."