Data Sets



Taiwanese + Malaysian — Tw : 147

S1 = Malaysian female
S2 = Taiwanese female

Context: S1 has asked S2 about her life in England.

S2 : england is (.) s- such a beautiful country (2.2) it was a great (.) leap forward for me in my life

S1 : sorry it was a great?

S2 : great leap forward

S1 : okay forward

S2 : leap leap forward

S1 : but okay leap forward

Intended Word : leap forward

Discussion : S2 uses the expression 'great leap forward' (from the Chinese 大跃进) to refer to a period of sudden learning in her life. S1 is caught out by this expression, partly because S2 omits the [p] at the end of leap. Eventually S1 gets it and then says leap with a clearly articulated final [p], to indicate she understands it.