Data Sets



Taiwanese + Malaysian — Tw : 620

S1 = Malaysian female
S2 = Taiwanese female

Context: S2 is talking about the the education of her children in Singapore.

F2 : the reason we (1.0) we moved to singapore is because i want them to learn chinese as well (0.9) because my children thought in england

F1 : uh-uh

F2 : er in england when we were in england. my children thought the whole world (1.7) mummy is the only o- (.) only one speaking (.) mandarin

Intended Word : thought

Heard as : saw

Discussion : The voiceless TH at the start of thought is pronounced as [s]. In addition, there is no [t] at the end of the word. There may be a glottal stop at the end of the first token, but it is not very distinct.