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Practice as Research: Artefacts and the Exegesis

Full Title : Practice as Research: Artefacts and the Exegesis

Project Number : UBD/PNC2/2/RG/1(309)

Start Date : 15 December 2014

Expected Completion Date : 15 June 2015

Project Leader : Martie Geiger-Ho

Brief Outline

Research in art usually begins as a kind of qualitative inquiry called “practice-led research.” Qualitative art research is undertaken through inductive reasoning to understand a particular concept, situation, historical period, or style. A new paradigm for the visual arts that Dr. Martie Geiger-Ho uses to generate meaning and knowledge from her recent practice-based art project with emphasis on eco-feminist perspective on photographic installation of raw clay formations and other potential ceramic materials plus actual artefacts, is the performative research paradigm. Geiger-Ho will produce a manuscript that examines the methodology, context and outcome of her practice-based research by showing her conceptual artworks in the International Art Moves (IAM) exhibition, a faculty and student joint exhibition, organized by, in Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin, Germany, from 9 to 25 February 2015. Her exegesis will demonstrate that practice as research in art not only produces knowledge but also the capacity to show how that knowledge is revealed, acquired and expressed. The manuscript about the knowledge generated through the practice and reflexive methodology underlying her art-making and exhibition activities will be submitted for consideration by Teaching Artist Journal, a Scopus recognized journal, to publish.