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    Global Muslim Mobilities

    About us

    This research cluster based in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) offers a forum for researchers interested in the mobilities of Muslims worldwide. Mobilities, in the context of this research cluster, encompasses different forms of movements that include physical, virtual and social mobilities. In the twenty-first century, we continue to witness mobilities of Muslims globally but what differentiate the current types of mobilities today from those in the past is the forms in which ‘mobilities’ are practised and conceptualised. We no longer experience just the movements of Muslims across the physical space (voluntary, forced, and displaced), but we also observe the movements of the intangible in the forms of exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture to name a few, by Muslims in the global contexts. Researchers in this cluster will focus on contemporary debates, issues, and, phenomena relating to the complexities of Muslim mobilities.

    For more information on the activities of this cluster, please contact Dr Siti Mazidah Haji Mohamad.

    Research Areas

    One: Conceptualising Muslim Mobility

    Conceptualising ‘mobility’; mobilities of the Muslims in their socio-cultural, political and religious contexts; and mobilities of the Muslims in the global context.

    Two: Muslim Cosmopolitanism

    Muslim cross-cultural encounters with other Muslims and non-Muslims as framed by the contemporary discourses on Muslim cosmopolitanism.

    Three: Young People’s Mobilities

    Muslim youths’ aspirations for mobilities of different forms; socio-cultural and religious transformations shaped by their mobilities, including the creation of digital ummah, identity searching, identity creation and identity expression (including via arts and texts); and Muslim youths’ everyday consumption.

    Four: Historical Movements

    Historical and contemporary movements of Muslims (physical and intangible) across the globe.

    Five: Regulation and Policy

    Impact of mobilities on policymaking and political measures.

    Opportunities for Postgraduate Studies

    This research cluster welcomes applications for Postgraduate studies: Master of Arts (MA) by Research and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in areas relevant to its research areas. Cluster members’ research interests can be found on their profile page. For more information on cluster members, please visit FASS Academic Staff and FASS Experts pages.

    Research Projects

    1. Hijab and the Media: Consumption, Representation and Identity (Dr Siti Mazidah Haji Mohamad and Khairunnisa Ibrahim).
    2. Hijab, Arts and Representation (Dr Rui Oliviera Lopes, Dr Siti Mazidah Haji Mohamad & Pg Mohd Rahiman bin Pg Aliudin).
    3. A look into Brunei’s Young Muslims ‘Generation M’ Expression of Identity on Instagram (Dr Siti Mazidah Haji Mohamad).
    4. Hijabi Celebrification on Instagram: An Analysis of Cultural Consumption in Brunei and Malaysia (Dr Siti Mazidah Haji Mohamad and Dr Nurzihan Hassim, Taylors University, Malaysia).

    Cluster Members (Universiti Brunei Darussalam)

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