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Tulisan Jawi (Jawi Script)

Full Title : Situasi Semasa Tulisan Jawi di Negara Brunei Darussalam

Start Date : January 2011

Team members : Ak Haji Ashrol Rahimy Bin Pengiran Damit, Dk. Siti Rosinah Pg. Rusli, Exzayrani Sulaiman, Hjh. Zurinah Hj. Ya’akub (Language Centre)

Brief Outline

This study is about the Jawi script which is used in Brunei Darussalam’s education curriculum, particularly in Bahasa Melayu and Islamic Religious Knowledge subjects. Historically, the Jawi script was used widely not only in Brunei but also throughout the Malay world. However, nowadays the youth in Brunei seem to be illiterate in the script, particularly after they conclude their formal education. Our target will be primary and secondary school students as well as students at tertiary institutions. We want to investigate their ability at reading and writing as well as their perceptions towards the Jawi script. The findings will tell us the current position of the script in Brunei, and on the basis of these findings, we will propose how to strengthen it.