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Full Title : The Value of Cultural Heritage and Appropriate Museology in the Formation of Collective Identity. Art, Museums and (In)tangible Cultural Heritage in Brunei Darussalam

Project Number : UBD:ORI:URC:RG(334):U01

Start Date : 1 January 2016

End Date : 31 December 2017

Project leader : Rui Oliveira Lopes

Brief Outline

In the last years I have been conducting research and published some papers on the role of museums in promoting Asian art and (in)tangible cultural heritage, regarding not only the programming of new museums and exhibitions, but also the concepts of appropriate museology and cultural negotiation. I have also been working as an art history and museum consultant for exhibitions of Asian collections in Europe, allowing me to work practically with these concepts and publish papers based on case studies.

The research in theis project is assessing the value of cultural heritage and appropriate museology in museums. Believing in the value that ancient traditions still have in the present, I am conducting research on the roots of cultural history of Brunei with the aim to outline the exapnded field of Bruneian collective cultural identity. I am conducting research on the different modes of display of material culture to enhance the promotion and preseravation of Bruneian traditions.

The outcome of hte project will result in the publication of two papers in international journals and in the presentation of the research in inernational conferences.