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Photographic Memoir of Taiwan

Full Title : A Digital Photographic Memoir of Taiwan

Project Number : UBD/PNC2/2/RG/1(253)

Start Date : May 2013

Expected Completion Date : June 2014

Project Leader : Shui Kong Ho

Project Blog :

Brief Outline

A Digital Photographic Memoir of Taiwan is a practice-based visual arts research project produced using digital photography and imaging technology. This cultural documentary is set to explore the Western influence in Taiwan after the period when the Portuguese named Taiwan "Ilha Formosa", the Beautiful Island in the 17th century. Designed to be cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural, this practice-based research focuses on Taiwanese colonial and historical architecture. The aims of this research using multimedia as a means to make a cultural documentary that tells a story. This practice-based research will challenge the traditional documentary of Taiwanese cultural heritage through digital photography and media of Taiwan's significant buildings and the stories behind them. More than 15-20 exhibits of the large format digital photographic mural prints and video installation of Taiwan's significant architecture and cultural legacies will be showcased at the prospective art exhibition either at UBD or JIS Arts Centre in March 2014. Also, there will be a gallery talk about the concepts behind the digital art to the target audience during the exhibition opening. Furthermore, the result of this research will be presented as conference paper in the 5th Annual International Conference on Fine and Performing Arts in June 2014, and the paper will be submitted for consideration by related art and cultural studies journals to publish after that.