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China from the South China Sea

Full Title : Creative Arts Research: China from the South China Sea

Project Number : UBD/PNC2/2/RG/1(285)

Start Date : November 2013

Expected Completion Date : June 2014

Project Leader : Martie Geiger-Ho

Brief Outline

This study emerges from critical engagement and reflection on studio-based research. Geiger-Ho will produce a manuscript that examines the methodology, context and outcome of her artistic research (case study). Her paper will focus on the processes rather than the products of enquiry. Her exegesis will also demonstrate that practice as research in art not only produces knowledge but also the capacity to show how that knowledge is revealed, acquired, and expressed. A portion of the artwork for this study has already been produced along with a reflexive record of its production. Information regarding the content and relationship of the artwork to cultural issues relating to specific regions of the South China Sea will be presented at the Workshop: Reframing the South China Sea, organized by the Institute of Asian Studies, UBD, in 11 to 13 November 2013. After her presentation Geiger-Ho will continue to produce work to will present at as part of a group exhibition, Mural•list•mania: Multimedia Art Exhibition, to be held in Hong Kong from 7 to 14 March 2014. The manuscript about the knowledge generated through the action and reflexive methodology underlying her art-making and exhibition activities will be submitted for consideration by Scopus recognized journals for publication.