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Media Privacy

Full Title : Privacy in the Context of Bruneians Media Use and Engagement

Status : Unfunded

Start Date : August 2016

Completion Date : August 2018

Project Leader : Siti Mazidah Hj Mohamad

Brief Outline

This proposed research is focused on privacy in the context of Bruneians’ social media-use and engagement. It is operationally divided into two parts: part one deals with Contextualising Privacy Online, which aims to contextualise and conceptualise privacy in the context of Bruneians everyday new social media engagements; and part two deals with Online Privacy Law/Policy, which aims to draft policies on online privacy with consideration of the Bruneian contexts. I propose to conduct an online ethnography that employs both qualitative and quantitative research methods to achieve its aims and objectives. This research is expected to develop a deeper understanding of privacy in the context of Bruneians’ new media use and engagements, ultimately resulting in the drafting of policies/laws to protect and regulate the society considering the growth in our online presence and the use of new media technologies.

Brief Objectives

  1. To elicit Bruneians’ understanding of privacy.
  2. To explore Bruneians everyday experiences online focusing on privacy and its issues.
  3. To investigate the contexts associated with privacy and its issues in Bruneians everyday new media and engagement.
  4. To offer the list of privacy concerns (contextualised) for law/policy drafting.

Significance of the research

This research provides deeper understanding of privacy in the Bruneian contexts. Research data from this particular research can be used as baseline data for future research in privacy or other areas related to new social media use and engagements or online space in general. This research has the potential to contribute to the drafting of online-privacy related laws outside Brunei. It is acknowledged that knowledge and information transcend the physical offline boundaries. Information can be created and shared from other places outside Brunei hence privacy laws or policies with regional and global outlook are significantly important to deal with emerging privacy issues. I envision this research to be a platform for future research on privacy at different scale - local, regional and global scale.