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Understanding Science

Full Title : Public Understanding of Science in Brunei Darussalam

Project Number : UBD/GSR/S&T/20

Start Date : 25 October 2010

End Date : 25 October 2013

Project leaders : Alistair Wood and Malai Ayla Surya binti Malai Hj Abdullah

Team members : Frank Fanselow, Dk Noor Hasharina binti Hj Hassan, Heinz Scheifinger and Leong Vai Shiem

Brief Outline

This project is the first of its kind in Brunei Darussalam and aims to investigate attitudes towards, and understanding of, science in this country. It will parallel similar work done in other countries to provide baseline data on people’s opinions of and knowledge of science, via surveys, interviews and focus groups. In addition, it will look at how people’s views regarding science relate to other types of knowledge, perhaps more traditional, and how these different types of knowledge are balanced against each other. Since development in Brunei is often predicated on the basis of science and technology it is important to establish how the general public views this subject. It is hoped that it will be possible to compare Bruneians views of science with those held by people in other countries. In addition, the project will look at how science is popularized for the general public in Brunei.