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Visions of Brunei

Full Title : Visions of Brunei: A Cultural Free-to-All Visual Experience of Digital Hybrid Mural

Project Number : UBD/PNC2/2/RG/1(199)

Grant Seed Money : $20,000

Start Date : August 2011

Expected Completion Date : April 2012

Project Leader : Shui Kong Ho

Project Members : Debra Enzenbacher, Hj Baharudin Bin Mohd Arus, Jennifer Tan, Zahari Bin Hamidon

Project Blog :

Project Flyer : (click on the image below)

Brief Outline

Visions of Brunei is a studio-based visual arts research project culminating in a finished digital hybrid mural that can be easily transported and set up in a public space such as a mall for viewers to enjoy. By combining the formats of digital design, commercial billboard presentation and community fine arts-oriented mural production, this new type of digital hybrid mural offers a portable solution to site-specific murals where the viewers must go to the mural site to view the efforts of a single muralist or group of artists. This pilot scheme provides a promising vehicle for introducing the artistic talents of Brunei’s visual artists and UBD art students because it explores such creative industry fields as large graphic design billboards and poster concepts with the industrial printing production methods associated with new digital media. Based on the use of such 2-dimensional design concepts as the traditional well-known “elements and principles of design”, artists and UBD students will be able to create their own contemporary images, which will be printed out digitally as a discrete module within a large-scale mural that will be hung for the public to enjoy during the proposed Creative Industries Festival in April 2012. This hybrid mural will be an important step towards familiarising the public with the new vision, energy and perspectives of Brunei’s emerging visual artists.


Final Digital Hybrid Mural: Digital Mural



Visions of Brunei Digital Hybrid Mural. Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam, produced by 24 creative talents in Brunei Darussalam in 2012. The 24 participating artists are listed as the order of individual mural module from top left to right and from top row to bottom: (1st row) Amhra Zulfadhu Hj md Hamdilah, Mimi Farahyahida binti Hj Omarali, Dk Nur Afiqah bte Pg Hj And Rahman, Ak Khairul Amilin bin Pg Muhamad, Suzy Edwina Haji Md Salleh, Hudan Naurah Haji Ibrahim, (2nd row) Dr. Debra Jean Enzenbacher, Muhd Alinormin Hj Omarali, Prof. Kong Ho, Dr. Zahari Hamidon, Dr. Martie Geiger-Ho, Annant Whalen, (3rd row) Norhafilah binti Saradin, Jasmyne Koh Hui Zhen, Awg Rasidi bin Saidin, Afiqah Hanum binti Haji Murni, Dk Noor Affizah bet Pg Hj And Rahman, (4th row) Dr. Jennifer Tan, Muhammad Nazreen bin Amin, Muhammad Nuriskandar bin md Hasnan, Awg Mohamad Azmi bin Hj Abdillah, Nabilah binti Haji Nasib, and Bazilah binti Haji Asli.