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FASS Student Short Film Wins Dracula Digital Competition 2020

26th October 2020

Two FASS DCI students Sahriz Azim Sahrun and Sahira Shahminan teamed up with FOS student Philip Lim Shen Huei and won the top prize of 2020 Dracula Digital Competition, a smartphone short film competition open to young people aged between 16 and 29 worldwide in the Dracula Film Festival 2020 (14-18 October 2020).

The “Dracula Digital” trophy and €200 Euro prize were awarded to their winning short film Image (2020, 3 min.), which was announced and screened to open the award gala of the 5th Dracula International Film Festival on Sunday, 18 October 2020.

The keywords of the 2020 Dracula Digital Competition were “Thumb”, “Oak” and “Iron”. Participating filmmakers had to use the combinatorial three words creatively to make a 3-minute short film in the mystery, horror, or fantasy genre with mobile phones within three days, and then upload their films on Youtube for jury judgment. Ultimately, Image stood out as the winner of the competition, selected by a jury of three professional filmmakers in Romania.

A total of 14 short films made by smartphones were submitted to the preliminary selection of the 2020 Dracula Digital Competition. Based on both jury selection and online viewer votes, five teams were selected as finalists to compete in the final competition. Another UBD team led by FASS DCI student Farhan Nizam was also among the finalists. This is the first time UBD students have participated in a trendy film competition where smartphones were used to engage visual storytelling.

The award-winning short film Image can be viewed on the DCI Instagram account or on YouTube, and some of the other competing short films of the 2020 Dracula Digital Competition can be found at the Dracula Digital official website.