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Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children

The UBD student short film Suara has been selected to represent Brunei in the 3rd Southeast Asia Video Festival for Children (SEAVFC) 2019. The final competition will be staged from November 27th to 30th in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The theme for SEAVFC2019 is ‘United in Love’.

According to producer Nurain Abdullah, who is the Governing Board Director of SEAVFC2019 and the Chairperson of the SEAVFC Brunei National Committee, among the nationwide 25 preliminary submissions to the Amateur Category, in which works target any age group of children, 12 works including all 7 UBD student submissions made it to the second round screening to the SEAVFC Brunei National Committee.

After a judging session by 8 Committee members on Monday 16 September, the top two films, titled Suara and Bunga, in the Amateur category are both from UBD. ‘We love the production quality and style of Bunga; however, the “United in Love” theme presented more clearly in Suara. We think that Suara stands a higher chance of winning due to the theme set for SEAVFC2019.’ explained Chairperson Nurain Abdullah, because only one work for each category can represent Brunei for the final competition of SEAVFC2019.

The three students responsible for making Suara are Muhammad Iqbal Bin Haji Masmin, Nur Izzatul Hanani Binti Mahammad Hanifah, and Afiqah Khairiyah Binti Haji Adnan. They are all second year students majored in the Design and Creative Industries (DCI) Programme under FASS. The DCI Programme was launched in August 2017, offering a wide range of interdisciplinary modules in the areas of art, design and media, innovation and technology, and business and management.

The SEAVFC Brunei National Committee deliberating and voting during the judging session

The SEAVFC Brunei National Committee members are:

  1. Nurain Abdullah (SEAVFC2019, Governing Board Director) as Chairperson of SEAVFC Brunei National Committee
  2. Muhd Farid Azlan Abd Ghani (Broadcast Content Development, AITI)
  3. Johana Sumin (Broadcast Content Development, AITI)
  4. Al-Fayyadh Metusin (Senior Producer, RTB)
  5. Awang Haji Ali Sofian bin Haji Thani, Head of IT Unit, Curriculum Development Dept, MOE
  6. Pg Mohd Suffian bin Pg Mohd Said, Head of Multimedia Service Unit, Curriculum Development Dept, MOE
  7. Awg Nurhisyam Al-Muiz bin Abd Rahman Ampil, Aesthetics Unit (Drama) officer, MOE
  8. Awg Joey Tashrin bin Hj Hamidon, Media and Educational Resource Unit officer, MOE


Besides Bunga, another two UBD short films, Broman and The Seventh made by students this semester will be included in a bulk submission of Bruneian short films to FLiCKER FEST 2020, which is Australia’s leading Academy®-accredited and BAFTA-recognised competitive Australian and International Short Film Festival, attracting a large number of film entries from filmmakers around the world.

Suara, Bunga, Broman and The Seventh, along with other 12 short film works, are all produced by students enrolled in the following two DCI modules offered in the 1st Semester 2019/20: AX-2304 Film, TV and New Media Production and AX-3301 Digital Photography and Videography.

In total, 16 short films will be shown during the FASS Student Project Term Screening on Thursday 14 November 2019.