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Fishing in the Philippines


On Thursday, 7 February 2019, Magne Knudsen of FASS, UBD, gave a seminar entitled "Changing tides: Re-configuration of a low-capital, high-skill fisheries in the Central Visayas" in which he described his research on traditional knowledge and current practices by fishermen in Sibulan in the south of Negros Islands in the Philippines.

With a significant decline in the resource base in recent decades, only fishers with advanced skills and fine-grained knowledge of local fishing grounds are able to catch enough fish, and the right kind of fish, to secure a decent return.

Small-scale fishing is diverse, and some methods of fishing are much more challenging than others.

In addition to skills in fishing techniques and how to use them in different places, knwledge about timing is vitally important. The fishermen need to know about the links between changes in fish behaviour, sea currents, the lunar cycle and monsoon winds.

Some of the kinds of skills and knowledge needed by the fishermen include:


Some fishing techniques include:







During periods of full moon and new moon, there are more seashells available in the shallows. Many women, children and men go gleaning during the big low tides.