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UBD Student Film Ejen Kriminal Wins Jury Award in 4th Brunei Film Blitz

9th January 2021

In one of the most highlighted competitions during the 4th Brunei Film Blitz, which was held through December 2020, a 96-Hour Film Blitz took place from 18 to 22 December 2020. During this event, eight Design and Creative Industry (DCI) major students from FASS and another from SBE teamed up and won the Jury Award for their short film Ejen Kriminal – a black comedy revolving around a ‘casting call’, which is the secret ingredient for this year’s 96-Hour Film Blitz competition.

As a sheer student crew, the UBD team had to compete with other participating teams mainly comprised of local filmmakers representing professional production houses. The UBD crew members were Hanis Hashim, Iqbal Masmin, Hamizan Muzaini, Quzaimi Rahim, Izzudin Jali, Rahim Sofri, Razzaq Yusof, Hafiz Ya’akub, who all major in DCI, and Ihzash Ahamed, who studies in SBE.

Minister of Primary Resources and Tourism Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Ali bin Apong presented the award trophies to the representatives of the Ejen Kriminal crew, Iqbal Masmin and Hanis Hashim, as well as other award winners.

According to Borneo Bulletin, Brunei Film Blitz Festival Programmer Dr Alex Fischer noted: ‘It is extremely difficult to judge and rank ideas, but we, as a jury, concentrated on films that were complete packages. That is, they were cinematic, entertaining, considered and technically proficient.’

The UBD film crew expressed the following creative insight: ‘It was our first time working together as filmmakers and it was a great experience overall working on this film. Ejen Kriminal is a short film about a criminal getting chased by a police officer and ending up in a casting call by mistake. We hope to join more film competitions and festivals in the future.’