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Field Trip to Tanjung Batu


On Sunday, 21st October 2018, Dr Shafi Noor Islam led a field trip to the Tanjung Batu coastal area and Api-Api wetland areas of Muara district.

57 students taking the module AV-4302/AW-4310 Wetland Ecology and Management and 37 students taking the module AV-3301/AW-3308 Introduction to Remote Sensing participated in the trip, in which they investigated the ecological degradation, changing patterns of coastal erosion and patterns of wetland ecology.

The students were divided into four groups as follows:

Group 1River system and sea beach managementfield investigation and special discussion of the river system
Group 2Api-Api wetland ecosystem managementobservation of the changing pattern of Api-Api wetlands and river system balancing ecosystem
Group 3Coastal forest degradation and invasive plant species developmentobservation of the changing pattern of coastal forest and wetlands as a result of invasive plant species
Group 4Coastal erosion, wetland status and beach protectionobservation of coastal erosion and beach protection processes in Tanjung Batu and Api-Api wetland areas


Geographical location of Tanjung Batu coastal area and Api-Api Wetland area in Muara District

Students asking questions to Dr. Shafi about the locational patterns and geomorphic changes

Students proceeding to the case study area during the heavy rain

Students investigating coastal erosion and deposition patterns at Tanjung Batu beach

Remote sensing students observing the forest depletion pattern in the Tanjung Batu area

All students and their teacher on the coastal beach area in Tanjung Batu at the end of the trip