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Railways and Water Hyacinth


Visual curation of Dr Iftekhar Iqbal’s works on the environmental history of railways and water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in the Bengal Delta have been selected for showing in a number of international exhibitions. These include the Istanbul Biennial, Sharjah Architecture Triennial and MOCO Montpellier Contemporain in France.

Dr Iqbal’s work from the Istanbul Biennial (September 2019), along with selected works featuring other parts of the world, can be accessed here: Photo Link.

These exhibitions form part of a broader collective effort of Feral Atlas — a transdisciplinary experiment that seeks to draw critical attention to the unfolding of the “more-than-human Anthropocene” — a project run by Professor Anna Tsing (University of California, Santa Cruz) and the team from Australia, Denmark and USA. The research findings on which these exhibitions are based are forthcoming from Stanford University Press Digital series in Spring 2020.