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Majors for Pre-August-2016 Intakes

Professional Communications & The Media

Professional Communications & The Media is no longer offered as a Major, starting from the August 2015 intake.

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Hannah Ho Ming Yit (Programme Leader)
Chester Keasberry
Gary Jones
James McLellan (Coordinator)
Ak Mohd Rahiman Pg Aliudin
Noor Azam Bin OKMB Haji Othman
Paul Deyuan He
Debbie Ho
Yong Liu


Having an original idea, creating a new product, or making a scientific breakthrough in a laboratory won’t in itself bring benefits or change to society, but communicating these ideas and discoveries may well do. In today’s world, communication is at the very centre of everything we do both socially and professionally.

Modern communication makes use of a variety of media (television, radio, newspapers, the Internet, film, DVD, video and CD) which play a huge part in our daily lives. They influence the way we think, what we do, how we behave, what we buy and what we don’t buy. It is necessary then that we learn to understand how the media work and to develop the ability to discriminate between media messages. To do this we need to be able to critically evaluate hidden meanings and ideologies behind the images, sounds and ideas selected by the media for our consumption. By the same token, we need to be able to use the media for our own particular purposes, especially in our professional lives.


Today nearly all modern organizations make use of the media, particularly new emergent media, to inform, promote, sell and persuade. To be effective in the workplace we need to be able to communicate in a variety of multilingual, multinational and multicultural contexts, including in face-to-face situations and, most importantly through print and electronic media.

Aims of the Programme

The aim of this major is to produce graduates who are able to:


To achieve these aims, each of our modules will include description of current theory, practice in the latest techniques of analysis, and opportunities for the planning, creation and production of professional texts using a wide variety of media.

Invitation to UBD Students

To FASS students: We cordially invite you to take a major or minor in Professional Communication and the Media, or to take any of our modules as breadth modules

To students from other faculties: We would like to invite you to take any six of our modules as your minor, or any of our modules as breadth modules.

We look forward to working with you!

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Level 1000 - Foundation Year

AC-1201 Introduction to Communication
AC-1202 Introduction to Media Studies


Level 2000 - Establishment Year

AC-2201 Analysing Written Genres
AC-2202 Analysing Visual Communication
AC-2203 History of the Media and their Influences
AC-2204 Analysing Talk


Level 3000 - Discovery Year

AC-3301 Media Ethics
AC-3302 Cross-Cultural Communciation
AC-3303 Principles and Practice of Photography and Photojournalism
AC-3304 Narrative Studies and the Media
AC-3305 Principles and Practice of Video Production
AC-3306 Communication in Advertising


Level 4000 - Capstone Year

AC-4301 Issues and Practices in Workplace Communication
AC-4302 Political Economy of the Media
AC-4303 Film Studies
AC-4304 Advanced Photography
AC-4305 Academic Exercise 1
AC-4306 Trends in New Media: Principles and Practice
AC-4307 Television Studies
AC-4308 Communication and Popular Culture
AC-4309 Short Film Making
AC-4310 Academic Exercise 2
AC-4311 News Production


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