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FASS Student Works Showcased in AUNCA Arts Festival

7th August 2021

Five artworks and seven short films created by DCI students in FASS, UBD were selected to be showcased in the AUNCA Crosslight Design Art Exhibit and AUNCA Crosslight Film Festival respectively on 26th July and 28th July 2021.

AUNCA stands for ASEAN University Network on Culture and the Arts, and the Crosslight Design Art Exhibit and Crosslight Film Festival serve as platforms for students and teachers of AUN+3 member universities to share and foster deeper understanding of each country’s culture. According to the organiser of the AUNCA Arts Festival, both activities "feature the people, places, art and heritage of their respective countries or any innovative/artistic response to the present pandemic situation" in various forms of design (Crosslight Design Art Exhibit) as well as documentaries, feature films, short films and animations (Crosslight Film Festival).

The Crosslight Design Art Exhibit was livestreamed at the AUNCA Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/aunculturearts) on 26th July 2021. Short films selected to screen at the AUNCA Crosslight Film Festival will be up on the AUNCA Facebook page from 12 noon onwards on 28th July 2021, and they will be later posted on the AUN Youtube Channel and AUN Website.

Out of the total 20 selected short films from nine Asian universities in eight countries to showcase in 2021 AUNCA Crosslight Film Festival, about one-third, i.e. 7 short films, were produced by students enroll in Design and Creative Industries (DCI) Programme at FASS, UBD. The SEVEN selected UBD short films include six fiction works Bunga (2019), Suara (2019), The Seventh (2019), Broman (2019), Anak Ayah (2020) and Ejen Kriminal (2020) as well as one documentary Norma (2021), which becomes the first documentary short film made by UBD DCI students ever screening at an international film festival outside Brunei.

Such a breakthrough achievement was made possible by four UBD students as a production crew. They are Dyg Nur Amirah Nadiah Binti Haji Jamil, Awg Muhammad Farhan Nizam Bin Zaini, Awg Mohamad Danial Basyri Bin Zamain and Awg Ng Ching Zhou. Besides these four students, a number of DCI students, from senior graduates to juniors and sophomores, were also involved with the creation of the seven short films and five art designs; their creativity and talents made both UBD and FASS stand out at this international arts festival.