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Student Short Films and PSAs Published by RTBGo and Progresif Media

22nd March 2021

Beginning on Saturday, 30th January 2021, two UBD student-produced short films Bunga and Suara, and three Public Service Announcement (PSA) works Cyberchondria, Dispose Responsibly, and Texting, were selected to be aired on RTBGo VOD Exclusive, along with a 10-minute special feature titled Behind the Scene about the 3rd Edition UBD Short Film Festival PRISM (2020). The RTB producer Faralisa Zulfikri, who produced the above special feature programme, praised the ‘great cinematography, animation and editing skills’ indicated in the variety of UBD student audiovisual works presented in the 3rd PRISM film festival.

On 2nd March 2021, in conjunction of the 37th National Day Celebration, Progresif Media also picked up six short films made by UBD students and published them on Progresif Media app. The selected six short films were: Anak Ayah (2020), Bunga (2019), Suara (2019), Voyager 2100 (2019), Abang (2019), and Laila (2018). The first five works were all produced by current students majoring in Design and Creative Industries (DCI) Programme under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, while Laila was produced by a group of then-ACT students who graduated two years ago. ACT Programme is the predecessor of the current DCI Programme.

The above six short films were chosen based on their quality of production, storyline and message conveyed. Before publishing the content on its streaming platform, Progresif Media discussed and settled a respective revenue sharing agreement with each of the groups of filmmakers. Prior to publishing the six UBD works, Progresif Media organised and conducted a photo and interview session of three selected filmmakers for promotional purposes on its social media platforms.

At the moment, the app to view all the six published works is only available on mobile devices and is available for downloading on the Apple App store and Google Play Store. Interested viewers may have quick access to it through this link: https://bit.ly/2PJKKHV. To view more customised types of contents from Progresif Media app, please find the survey link here: http://bit.ly/ProgresifMediaSurvey.

In recent couple of years, DCI student short films have exposed in national, regional and international film festivals and won top prizes in both national and international film competitions. The recent exposure on both Brunei’s national broadcaster – RTB and the biggest local mobile media platform – Progresif Media demonstrates a new milestone for the excellence and achievement of UBD student creative works.